Tuesday, March 17

Life Lately/Photo Dump

Holy smokes, I don't even know where to begin.  Life has been nothing short of a whirlwind over here.  I have been slacking on my blogging and it makes me kind of sad.  Honestly if I don't write it down, I have a hard time remembering things.  I love that I have this somewhat of a journal to record my families crazy outings and everything else in between.  I enjoy reflecting back on life and the lessons it has taught me thus far.  Now if only I could find the time to print out this here blog.  I had high hopes of printing off a new book every year, a sort of year book for my kiddos to have and look back through.  I am only fives years behind.  If you have any recommendations for where to have my blog printed, I will send you a huge hug across the universe.  

With that being said, here is a recap of the last few months in a nutshell. 
Tyson travels a lot for work, luckily it's not always over night and more often times than not, he brings back his girls some yummy treats.  Some clients of his introduced him to the most tasty cupcake bakery.  I seriously crave these cupcakes daily!
We have been going to Tyson's friend Austin's basketball games to support his team while he coaches.   P gets a kick out of watching the ball go back and forth all over the court.  During half time she enjoys getting her stretch on. 
 ^^^ Another bonus to a traveling husband. ^^^
 We were able to see Tyson's cousin marry his sweetheart in the Fresno Temple.  We took the girls and were able to walk the grounds with them.  It was also very special because Tyson's dad was the sealer.  
^^^ Another one of the many Sunday pics we take before church.  We may never make it through the doors in time, but I will cherish these pics for years to come. ^^^
 P has a thing for waffles and strawberries lately and likes her baby in matching pj's.
 ^^^ I have made this soup a ton over the past couple of months.  It's so so easy and delish.  If you want the recipe, check out my Instagram. ^^^
 Lucy stays entertained for long amounts of time if she has stuffed animals or dolls at the tips of her fingers. 
 P went with me to the orthodontist and had a blast trying on different wigs in the waiting room.  I got myself invisalign in hopes to repair my lazy nights of not wearing my retainer.  It's working and I have Dr. Freeman to thank!
 The only way we seem to manage to make our way through Target these days, is with a big bag of popcorn a drink and Lucy being carried in her Ergo carrier.  That thing is a lifesaver, I tell ya.
 P is still so in love with going to dance class.  It's the highlight to our week.  I am dying for the recital to get here.
 ^^^ Yet another Sunday photo.  These here heels about murdered my feet. It's no wonder I only wear them once a week. ^^^
^^^ P is learning her letters and I have this puzzle to thank.  The P is her favorite letter of course.  She holds it close to her heart and rocks it back and forth, like it is a baby.  She's such a drama queen and I love it.  She identifies each letter with a name or thing.  M is for mimi, L is for Lucy, A is for apple, B is for Brielle, J is for Jana and so forth.  It's so fun to watch her learn. ^^^
^^^ She loves playing dress up, especially in her Le Hipsqueaks headband. ^^^
 Lucy had her six month check up and is chunkier than ever.  Weight 82%, Height 50% and Head 74%.  We couldn't ask for a more perfect baby!
 Our friend Curtis celebrated his 31st birthday and I offered to make the cake.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I asked his wife what type of cake he likes and she said strawberry.  I decided to do this very last minute and had this grand plan to make a homemade strawberry frosting.  The picture speaks for itself and shows how that all turned out.  Between the amount of strawberries, sticks of butter and lost count of boxes of powdered sugar I had this lovely pile of cake.  It looked terrible but ended up tasting amazing.  I salvaged what I could and frosted the remaining cake.  If you are ever planning on adding fresh strawberries to your frosting, make sure to not add the milk.
 My sister-in-law Cara and I took the girls to Lululemon to get me some new sports bra's and did boy did Cara get a taste of motherhood.  We were one hot mess. P saw us trying things on, so she thought it necessary to take all of her clothes off.  She was running around the store naked opening other people's dressing rooms, Lucy was crying and I was trying my hardest to hurry and try my things on in between the mess.  It was bad!  We made it out without being banished from the store entirely.  We hit up a new restaurant in town called House of JuJu.  It was so tasty and have already been back since.
 Lucy's first Sunday pic.  She is usually sleeping when we get to church.
 ^^^ This sweet girl has the craziest hair. ^^^
 P couldn't decide whether or not she wanted to drink my sweet green monster.  Once she had a taste she drank it all up.
P was dying to try on my new running shoes.  They totally look like grandma shoes, but honestly they are so freaking comfy and now know why so many people swear by these shoes. 
Poor Lucy got diagnosed with RSV last weekend.  She has been such a trooper with a smile on her face the entire time.  I hated hearing the words RSV because it took me back to the nightmare of P being hospitalized for over a week.  Luckily for all of us, Lucy has been responding great to her treatments and has avoided the hospital.  I also swear by the oils we have been using on her and defusing through the air when she sleeps and those cool air humidifiers work wonders. 
 ^^^ P at church last Sunday rocking her un-ironed dress.  My mom gives me such a hard time about this.  There are just some things I refuse to do. ^^^
 I die over this bunny onsie.  I am a sucker for holidays and can't wait for Easter!
 Snuggles with my sweet P and proof that my retainer is working.
 And to wrap this forever long post up, a sweet picture of P.  I love this girl so much and enjoy discovering new things with her every day.
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  1. So I just wrote you a very comment but when I posted it...it said I had to log in hahaha so this one will be shorter! Love your teeth! I need to get some too! My morning sickness and not wearing my retainer has messed up my lower teeth! Love all these pictures and stories! I just went to house of Juju for the first time last week. I loved it! Love the sliders! We should go on a lunch date together! I would have loved to see Penelope running around Lulu. I don't remember what else I wrote. Something about check out my blog. I haven't updated in 3 weeks. I just started following yours. Anyways so amazing about your father in law. He was the sealer for my sisters wedding too!

  2. What brand shoes are your running ones? I need new ones

    1. They are Asics gel nimbus! I am totally obsessed with them :)

  3. Where is your mint green skirt from?