Tuesday, March 3

Penelope 2 years and 4 months

The other day I was taking Lucy's six month pictures for her love letter.  I noticed P getting a little concerned that I was not taking the pictures of her.  Like I have said before, she wants to be just like her sissy.  She found her way upstairs and rummaged through all of her drawers to find her onesie that hardly fits, a bow and her bracelet that matches Lucy's.  I was in the middle of editing photos, when I looked behind me and found P sitting proudly in the chair.  She kept saying cheese and wanted so badly for me to take some pictures of her.  My heart melted and I immediately picked up my camera.  With that being said, I have neglected to give an update on P for quite sometime.  I feel like she has grown up so much since her sis came into our family.  So here's a little update on miss P.
Dear Penelope,

You have the spunkiest most fabulous little personality.  The amount of passion and energy inside of you is astounding.  You are constantly yearning to learn and grow.  Watching you develop over these past few months has been nothing short of wonderful.  

Just recently you have started learning new words.  We were starting to get a little concerned because you weren't talking much.  You completely proved us wrong and are on fire.  You have even started to recognize letters and know what they stand for.  The letter P being your favorite.  You know that's what your name starts with.  You point at every P throughout our house and yell "ME."  It's adorable!  

Barney and Daniel Tiger are still your favorite shows to watch.  Every morning you get a cup of "cocoa," chocolate milk and we snuggle up on the couch and watch a show.  It's my favorite part of the day.  I seriously cherish that time with you so much.  

You show so much love and concern towards your sister.  Watching the two of you interact does my heart good.  Your sissy has started reaching for things and you are not a fan of sharing just yet.  But ever so often I will stop what I'm doing and notice you rubbing your sisters hair or kissing her forehead.

Your baby doll and silky go everywhere with you.  We finally had to give your baby a bath because she was covered in chocolate milk.  You definitely have your favorite things.  When you take a bath, you have to have your Daniel Tiger figurines.  You love making sure they get a bath everyday.  You beg mama to shave your legs and arms.  I think you have seen me do it one too many times.  You also beg to put deodorant and mama's lotion on.

You love playing with play dough and cutting out shapes.  Watching you color is so sweet.  The way you hold your crayon is darling.  You try so hard to color perfectly.  Blowing bubbles makes your day as well as coloring with sidewalk chalk.  Your favorite thing is to lay right down on the cement and have me outline you in chalk.  You stand up and smile pointing at your little body.

Over the past few months you have become such a good eater.  Your current favorites are apples, carrots, Lucky Charms, chicken, hummus, popcorn, macaroni and cheese, chocolate milk and mama's diet coke.  You love going out to eat and climbing all over booths.  You always pop up and down at the people sitting behind us.  

Tuesday's are your favorite day because you get to go to dance.  I can't tell you how proud I am of you.  Each lesson you get better and better.  You concentrate so intently and want to do your very best.  You listen so well to your teacher and beg for more every time we have to leave.  You are constantly wearing your leotard, tights and tutu.  I cannot wait to watch you perform on the big stage for the first time in June.  

You love to Facetime with your mimi, aunts and uncles.  Thank goodness for technology you have been able to get to know them better.  You love to show them all of your newest tricks.  

We recently  brought the bouncer and walker out of storage for Lucy.  You think they are for you.  I think you are more entertained with them now, than when you were younger. 

Nursery is another highlight of your week.  You love your teacher's especially Breton.  You have a crush on all the boys in your life.  Your uncle Brandon has your heart.  As soon as we get to church you run right to him.  He makes you smile and laugh constantly.  

On the days you wake up early enough you come with me to the gym.  Your little legs kick with excitement as soon as you can spot the gym.  All of the workers love when you come in.  You go straight for the slide and go up and down the entire time I teach Zumba.  I love picking you up because you scream for me and run as fast as your little legs will take you.  

There are so many fun and exciting things happening with you right now.  You are my little buddy and I love having you near me every day.  I kind of get sad thinking you will be going to preschool in the fall.  I cherish the moments I have with you and adore your strong personality.  I think I need you more in my life than you need me.  Thank you for being my tender girl.  I love you baby girl.

Mama and Papa

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