Monday, March 9

Saturday Snuggles

I don't know about you, but Saturday mornings are the highlight of my week!  I love that Tyson is home and we aren't in a hurry to get anywhere.  We lay around most of the morning in or pj's, watch cartoons and if the morning allows we make a big breakfast.  I make sure to take the time to snuggle each of my girls one by one.  I enjoy savoring the moment, inhaling their sweet smells and trying to remember each and every crease on their wrists and ankles.  I am reminded all too often that babies don't keep.  
If there is one thing that I hoard in my house it is blankets.  Each of my girls have drawers full of them and I myself have cupboards and closets full.  There is just something about the warmth and comfort that a blanket can offer.  I have one with me at all times.  I have even been known to take them with me to a movie and even restaurants.  A handful of my blankets have been quilted, sewn and crocheted by my mom. These are the most cherished gifts that she has given me.  Almost every birthday or holiday I beg for her to make me another.  I can't seem to ever have enough.

When I saw the Little Unicorn muslin quilt I about fell off my rocker.  My girls both love being wrapped up in muslin swaddles, but a quilt and made out of the same goodness!  It's so soft and the perfect size.  I foresee many many hours spent snuggled in this gorgeous quilt.  Make sure to check out Little Unicorn and show them some love.  I'm pretty sure I want one of everything on their site. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I can hardly move over here.  I started working out again, and might have pushed it a little too hard.  My muscles have been woken from hibernation and are feeling the repercussions.  Hopefully I can find my way off of the couch.  In the mean time grab your kiddos and make sure to snuggle them a little longer today.
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  1. that quilt is gorgeous and holy cow could Lucy get any cuter??? Seriously, I'm dying over her rolls!!

  2. These pictures are just so sweet. They make want to go get my little girl and give her some snuggles right now. And that quilt is so so gorgeous. I need to find a reason to justify buying it for my 14 month old haha!

    1. Thank you so much Kami! I honestly love it so so much!!!! I want to buy every quilt they make.