Tuesday, February 12

Grandma Brown's 90th Birthday

My Grandma Brown had been on my mind a lot lately.  I knew that I wanted to go see her because of her age and health and was trying to figure out a good time to go down and see her.  It just so happens that no sooner than a day after talking with my sister-in-law Cortney about a good time to go down, I received an invite from my cousin to attend my grandma's birthday celebration.  We knew that we couldn't miss it, so we rounded up the troops and made our way down to the reservation.

Tyson and I picked up Kiersten in Barstow and made our 14 hour drive.  It actually went by pretty quickly and it was nice to spend some quality time with my sister.  My family all fit into two hotel rooms.  It was hilarious.  The room smelled awful with my brothers crammed in there.  There was no where to walk and train station right out our window.  It made for some good laughs and not so good sleep.

Saturday morning Tyson and I took Penelope to the trading post to pick her out a turquoise bracelet.  I had one all growing up, that my uncle had made.  I wanted her to have one as well.  We also got her a dream catcher that was purple to match her room.  I loved my dream catcher when I was younger and swore that it helped me not have bad dreams.

That afternoon it was time to head over to the Stake Center for my grandma's birthday party.  I couldn't wait to see all of my aunts and uncles and especially my Grandma.  My cousin Stacie did such a great job of orchestrating the surprise for my Grandma.  There were pictures of my Grandma's life posted all around the gym, a birthday sign, and even a DJ.  The birthday cake even looked like a Navajo rug.

My Grandma looked beautiful.  My aunt and cousin had worked on getting her ready all morning long. Her jewelry, dress, and moccasins were gorgeous.  As she walked through the doors half of us yelled SURPRISE while the other half started singing Happy Birthday.  It was very comical.  As we made a second attempt to sing Happy Birthday, my grandma started dancing and shaking her hips.  It was so cute.  I now know where I got my love for dancing from.

Each one of her children came up and gave her a hug. My grandma has a hard time seeing so they all told her who they were in her ear.  She was brought to tears to think that everyone came for her.  She couldn't stop thanking everyone for coming.

 All the grandchildren then came over to her and gave her the biggest hugs.  

After everyone had wished her Happy Birthday it was time to dig into the Navajo Taco's.  They were delicious.  We love going down to the reservation to get our fix.

It was then time for Penelope to meet her Great Grandmother.  It was so cute to see her in her arms and with matching turquoise, I might add.  

I was so happy that Penelope was also able to meet one of her great aunts and most of her great uncles.  

We were also able to catch up with some of my cousins. 

After we ate the cake and ice cream it was time to dance.  They had a DJ and boy did we dance.  I have never seen my Uncle Delbert get so low.  After that we watched my grandma open up her gifts.  She got some slippers, pictures, a shawl, perfume, lotion, soap, chocolates, jewelry and so much more.  All of my siblings and I gave her a photo album of different trips we had made down to the reservation and pictures of us with her.  She has always wanted us to send some down to her, so we thought it was the perfect compilation. 

My cousin Stacie and everyone else worked so hard and it definitely paid off.  The day was perfect!

I always have such a hard time leaving the reservation, once I am down there.  It is always so fun to be surrounded by so much family.  They are all so happy and make my jaw hurt from smiling so much.  I am so happy that Penelope was able to meet her Great Grandma Brown and all of my other family.  I always feel especially close to my dad when I see my Brown side of the family.  I know that he was looking down from heaven and was so proud of all of us making the trip down to see my grandma.  It was the perfect day for a wonderful grandmother.

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