Monday, February 25

Randomness Take #2

It has been two weeks now that Penelope has slept in her nursery.  It was a bit heart breaking at first, but we knew it was time.  She did so great.  It was hard at first to fall asleep because I was paranoid and kept checking the monitor every ten seconds.

Penelope peed on my clean sheets.  Good thing she's cute.

Baby bums are the cutest most squishy things ever!

Penelope still hates tummy time.  Gigi on the other hand has it down pact. 

My hair can finally fit in a pony tail, well kind of, I have to use a million clips and bobby pins to get the back to stay up.

P has almost grown out of all of her shower gift outfits.  I was so happy when I finally got to put her in this one.  The colors look so cute on her skin.

I can't get myself to start working out again.  I just may sign up to get Zumba certified again.  I think this will be the golden ticket to getting back in shape.

I can't get myself to let Tyson take down the cradle in our room.  I am a sentimental fool.  

Target has the best baby clothes.  Each item I find is only $5.  She has two of these jackets.  

I have been put on probation from my Target shopping sprees.  I tend to pick up too many items while I am there.  I am like a fat kid in a candy store.  Love the decor, clothes, food, movies, you name it, I buy it. 

Triple stuffed oreos...... I die!

Homemade oatmeal cookie dough is my favorite.  Recipe here.  I made these the night I went into labor. 

A clean house makes me smile.

Everything is better with Sophie or bunny.

This little girl makes my world spin.

My baby looks like a Kewpie doll.

A sleeping babe in my arms does my heart good.

I live in my Hello Apparel sweatshirt.  If you don't have one, go get one.  You will love it, your husband will not.... I don't wear anything else.

I vacuum my house at least once if not twice a day, this is becoming a problem.

Easter candy has hit the stores.  What is a girl like me to do.

Your sweet comments on my postpartum melt down made me feel so good.  

Tyson booked us tickets to go to New York in September.  Central Park in the fall, need I say more.  Suggestions on where to go, what to see please and thank you!

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  1. Goodness! Baby P is so cute! Oatmeal cookie dough is my favorite too (but choc chips are a must for me :)). Also, had to say that in the pictures you posted, you look awesome, and no one would ever know you felt like you were struggling with baby weight. Seriously. You really look great!