Saturday, February 9

Three Months

Dear Penelope,

Today you are three months old.  I still can't believe how fast the time with you has gone.  You feel each day with joy beyond measure.  You are really starting to recognize faces, especially your mama and papas.  My favorite thing to do lately is get you out of bed in the morning.  You grin from ear to ear, even when you are hungry.  You have now officially slept through the night.  You are a true dream boat.  You sleep for at least eight hours, which has been wonderful for your parents.  Nothing I have eaten has effected your tummy.  I can eat chocolate, onions, and hot sauce.  Thank you for that!  We found out some more news about your little heart, but don't you worry, we have everyone praying for you.  You enjoy when I read to you out of the scriptures.  I hope you enjoy to read, as much as I do.  You are getting chunkier by the day.  The other day I looked at you while you were sleeping and wondered, where did my little peanut go.  You are turning into such a big girl.  You still sleep almost all day long.  I don't know how I got so lucky.  You mainly wake up to eat and while you are in the bath.  You love when we take GiGi on walks in your stroller.  You laugh at me the entire time.  Last night you chewed on your Sophie Giraffe for the first time.  It was the cutest little sound I have ever heard.  You are so aware of your surroundings.  It cracks your dad and I up.  You turn your head from side to side for minutes at time.  It is too cute.  You truly are our greatest blessing.  Thank you for letting me squish you and kiss you all day long.  

Your mama and papa


  1. I just love her so much. That little belly of hers kills me.

  2. So sweet!!!! What a doll, can't believe she is 3 months already!