Tuesday, February 26

7 Years....

It is crazy to think it has been seven years tomorrow since I lost my dad.  

So much has happened since then.

College Graduation, Lotoja, Skydiving, Wedding Day, Motherhood
(All things I had talked to him about doing)

Although each day I have missed having him here with me I still feel his presence.

I know he is still my greatest fan and believes in all my aspirations.

No dream of mine was to big in his eyes.

I have that same determined, passionate, ambitious, free spirited soul as him.

Tyson has never met my dad, but I feel he gets to know a piece of him through my brothers.

Nick shares the same love for hunting and his Navajo culture.  He loves his kids the way my dad loved us.

Tate has his laugh, walk, little legs, broad shoulders, and witty personality.  He can draw, paint, restore cars and motorcycles, and fish just like my dad.

Josh has his thick hands and feet, his genuine smile, and no fear attitude. 

Although my dad had his weaknesses, I know that he did the very best that he knew how.

He no longer has to suffer from addiction and unbearable temptation.

When times get tough I draw upon the remembrance of peace and comfort I felt when I heard the news that my dad had died.  Never before had I known the essence of the word the comforter.  Even still the Lord grants me tender mercies to know my dad is near.  

Every time I hear the Eagles playing or the sound of a Harley Davidson I am reminded of him.  When I see a birds of paradise flower I know he his smiling down from heaven.

I look forward to the reunion that we will have one day.

He still owes me a father daughter dance.

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  1. This is such a beauiful post. Your dad was such a great guy with a huge heart, just like you. Im sure he is beyond proud of you. xoxo