Tuesday, June 15

Identity Crisis

So Tyson and I took a little trip to the DMV.... three hours later I found out that I would be taking the written test. All anxiety from school rushed into my body. I seriously thought I was going to cry or pass out. The reminder of how bad I dislike test taking became all too clear. I sat down and read the first two questions. I thought move on and come back to them later. I had no idea what the answers were. My focus then went to the top of the page and it read you may miss three questions. WHAT? There are thirty six questions on this test. I started to panic. I looked at Tyson and thought, well here goes nothing. I finished the test with my heart still pounding. I took my test up to the lady and it turns out you can miss six if this is your first time taking the test in California. Hallelujah I missed six. I PASSED!!!! The same feeling came to me the day I found out I passed my math class in college. All in all it was a great day and Tyson was a champ to stick the day out with me. But did I mention I still don't have a drivers license. You see I lost my wallet the week I moved to California and it has yet to turn up. This has become detrimental to me. I can't get put on Tyson's bank account, and I can't get a drivers license because I have no prof of a Utah drivers license. This name change thing has been an event. One of these days I hope to be able to call myself Janessa Parker.

On a happy note I got a gym pass and have been able to attend Zumba classes again. If you have not tried Zumba you must go! I hope to be able to use my Zumba certification and teach. I also got the job working for an investment group called Mighty Oak. I will be starting July 1st and can't wait to help put some bread on the table.

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  1. Yay I am so glad that you got a job that will be good for you and allow you to meet people :-) I hope that you get your identity crisis figured out soon. Thats horrible.

    Can I also just say... Madison misses you guys so much everytime she sees a picture of you guys she will just stare at it and repeat your names. I feel horrible. I think that you should surprise her and come to her 3rd birthday party at moms.... WINK.... WINK!!

    Love and miss you!!!