Wednesday, June 30

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Honestly you can't go wrong here. This is a slight obsession that I have found. When you grow up dancing your entire life and for a few years you take a break there is a piece of you that goes missing. I can only go so long without dancing and letting go. So when I discovered Zumba that rush came right back into my bones. I even loved it enough to go get Zumba certified. My hope one day is that I will be able to motivate people to be healthy but at the same time they can come to my class and be able to leave their problems at the door. When they are finished they can leave being able to face whatever life throws at them.

Another slight obsession that I have. For the past month they have been having a huge sale. Tyson and I were able to get our comforter and my Birthday and Christmas presents for the next ten years. Ok that was an exaggeration but truthfully they are having a GREAT sale with things 40-50% off. I was in heaven. I love this store. If only I could afford to wear Anthro everyday. My new favorite thing is cardigans. You can't go wrong. I just throw it over whatever I am wearing that day and it dresses it up just a tad, and not to mention keeps me warm. If you know me you know that I am always cold.

My Bike
I have been having slight withdrawals without having my bike. I sold it a few weeks before I got married so that I could have a little dinero to pay things off. I know that it was the correct decision, but I still miss my bike. There are a lot of cyclists here in Clovis, every time I see one it brings me back to the memories of last summer. My friends and I spent hours on our bikes so that we could train for Lotoja. Riding my bike was one of life's lessons that I needed to learn. My bike taught me the value of friendship, loyalty, commitment, teamwork, determination, and so much more. My biking changed me forever. Blood, sweat, and tears went into my training. It was all for the love of the it and worth every minute. There is a great satisfaction that comes from finishing a long bike ride. The rides that I will never forget is the first time I road 52 miles around Bear Lake, Suncrest, Big Cottonwood Canyon with my cousin Abby, Alpine Loop, team TTT and our first century ride, the training ride right before Lotoja, and the best one of all Lotoja 206 miles. I was able to face my fears of going down a mountain at 55 mph. I crashed and picked myself up. I got flat tires and had them fixed. I was so sore and thought I couldn't walk. I had sunburns, knee cramps, and back aches, I was exhausted beyond measure. Would I take any of those things back? No. Never! If it hadn't been that difficult it wouldn't have been worth it every time I completed a ride. I became attached to that bike for it took me though some difficult times. It took me to places I never dreamed of seeing. For they were beautiful. I became greater acquainted with my Heavenly Father being surrounded by the beauty that he has placed on this earth for us to enjoy.

I could not have accomplished any of these rides without the help of my friends. We were there for one another when one of us was feeling weak. There are countless times I remember thinking I couldn't make it one more pedal stroke and right when I thought I am going to tip over, I would feel a hand on my bike pushing me along. There is an indescribable feeling that you wouldn't understand unless you have done it, but riding in a pack with your friends, having just the silence and the sound of your wheels spinning is amazing. I know one day I will have a bike again and I look forward to that day. I am grateful for the memories and the time I was able to spend with such wonderful people.

These are just a few of my favorite things. Go out and try something new and push yourself because these will be the things that you will remember.

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  1. I'm totally obesessed with Anthropologie! I am also obsessed with cardigans. Between anthro and j.crew I could wear a cardigan every single day!