Wednesday, June 2

Memorial Day & Much More

Every year for Memorial Day my family goes to visit the graves of my dad and grandparents. It is a great time to reflect on the wonderful people I have had in my life. When we visit my dad's grave we always go around the circle telling one memory that we have. It always makes for a good laugh. My memory this year was my first dance in high school. I was getting ready to leave and wanted to say goodbye to my dad, but I couldn't find him. I asked my mom where he was and she told me he was upstairs crying because of how pretty I looked in my dress. I miss my dad everyday but I feel him around me always.

It was fun this year to take Tyson to share in the family traditions. He was able to hear memories of my dad and grandparents.

My favorite part of course involves the food. After we visit the graves we go to Litza's Pizza. They have the best garlic bread, root beer, and pizza.

The picture above is with my mom's family, the Shepherd's. They are the kindest most loving people I know.

Here we are at my grandma and grandpa Daw's grave. I miss them both so much! It is great now to have Tyson's grandparents as my own. I have missed having grandparents.

It has been a great second week of marriage. We have been in Heber spending time with my family before we make the big move to California. I am going to miss my family dearly. The longer I am here the harder it makes it to move away from my family and friends. But I am also looking forward to this new adventure of life where I will have Tyson by my side. I have never been one for change, but what it has taught me is that it gives me the opportunity to grow closer to my Heavenly Father and helps me become a stronger person.


  1. You are so cute Janessa!! I am excited for you and your new journey. You better come visit ALOT!!!!

  2. I just love you two. You make such a cute happy couple. I already miss you. You have to promise to let me know when you visit Utah so I can see you and I promise if I'm ever in Fresno area you will see me at your front door!

  3. Hey Janessa! It's Ashley (Farrell) Jones. I saw on facebook you started a blog! Congrats on getting married! You look great! I know how you feel about the mixed emotions on moving. I felt the same way when we moved to Dallas, but I love it so much here and I live by my in-laws and they are so awesome! It sounds like you have a good attitude about it and that helps a lot! Good luck with everything! Its fun to keep up with blogging!