Wednesday, June 23

One Month Down Eternity To Go

This weekend was busy but fantastic. We celebrated Tyson's Birthday, our one month anniversary, and Father's Day.

Tyson came home from helping his cousin with his Eagle project and surprised me with these flowers. He is always so sweet and thoughtful. I am getting the hang of this wife thing. I actually enjoy doing our laundry and cleaning. My mother's OCD has been passed on to me. It is like they say, Like Mother, Like Daughter.

Being the cheesy wife that I am, I created this candy poster for Tyson's birthday card.

To celebrate his day I woke up and made him German Pancakes with strawberries, made him a gigantic cupcake, took him to The Claim Jumper Steakhouse, and we went and saw Karate Kid.

Saturday we went and ate at Casa Corona with the family. Then we had everyone over and let Tyson make a wish on his enormo cupcake. I was embarrassed because people were actually eating the cupcake I made. No one got sick. YAY!!!!

Tyson's uncle Steve invited us to go sit in the box seats for the Grizzlies game. I hadn't been to a baseball game in a long time. It was great to chat with the girls and get a kick out of Parker the bear with the kiddos.

Sunday was Father's Day. While at church we were extended a calling. Tyson and I attempted making this golf course for dessert.

Tyson's family came over and we ate a delicious meal. We are getting spoiled living here. We have a home cooked meal on a daily basis. Tyson don't get too used to it. Just kidding I will attempt to cook when the time comes. I loved this picture of Tyson with his grandfather and dad. What a great day it was to celebrate these wonderful men.

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