Tuesday, April 30

Little Chomper

I went to Target yesterday and stocked up on baby food.  Call me crazy, but I had so much fun filling my cart with peas to peaches.  I loaded the cart with sippy cups, bowls, rice cereal, baby juice, and those fun little pouches of baby food.  I can't believe where they have come since I last fed a baby.

Tyson and I were over the moon excited to take this next first step with our little peanut.  Penelope gagged and almost threw up, upon taking her first bite.  As time went on she couldn't get enough of her rice cereal.  She kept trying to take the bowl from me.  In between bites I had to keep taking her bib out of her mouth.  That girl will eat anything she can get her hands on.  

While feeding my little brother Josh, when he was a younger, I can still remember giving him one bite and taking one bite for myself.  I loved the plums and vanilla as well as the banana.  I used to beg my mom to buy me baby food.  Weird girl, I know!


First Bite from Janessa Parker on Vimeo.
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  1. Janessa!!

    Just found your lovely little blog via Rylee- these are the cutest pictures ever :) Following you now new friend.

    XO Jenna