Wednesday, April 24

RandmonNESS Take #4

I don't think there is anything cuter than a baby freshly out of the tub in a bath robe.

Meeting Tyson for lunch is one of our favorite things to do.

Bows have taken over my life.  I cannot wait for this Boutique to get here. 

Penelope loves visiting her Grandpa at work.  All of the ladies melt over her.

Did I say bows have taken over my life, house, kitchen table, counter, and guest bedroom.

Penelope will put anything in her mouth, even if it is another babies arm.

Nellie has this new thing of scratching her head like a monkey to put herself to sleep.

I think I have the happiest baby alive.

Nellie finally rolled over from back to front.  I missed it gosh dang it!  I went to put something away and when I came back I found this.

She hasn't stopped rolling since.

The dreaded bronchoscopy is finally over with.  Nellie did great!  She had a harder time with the anesthesia this time.

Children's Hospital needs smaller gowns and socks.... Oh wait no they don't.  They look adorable on chubby babies.

I love seeing Ty snuggle with his little love.

Nellie likes to growl.  All of the nurses thought it was comical.  I knew my baby was coming when we were waiting for her to wake up.  I could hear her a mile away.  I also heard the nurses telling her to not eat her blanket.  Growling and eating anything and everything is what my baby does best.

My friend Britt gave Nellie this darling outfit.  She knew how much Tyson loves basketball.  I was so happy she could finally fit into it.

Have I mentioned that Target has thee cutest baby girl clothes.  I think this one is my favorite thus far.  Don't worry that Nellie had a blow out in this outfit.  Sad day!

Pedicures are the best!

Nellie even got her toes painted.  The ladies were in love.  I was totally fine with them holding her until the kisses all over the face started happening.  Strangers kissing my babies mouth/face is Not okay.

Big girl can sit in her stroller without the car seat attachment.  Time please slow down.

Winter Water Factory has adorable baby clothes.

Someone has started to figure out her jumper.

Sophie the Giraffe also doubles as a bink.

I listen to this song on repeat daily.

Sonic's Happy Hour can fix anything.  I got the call this morning to schedule Nellie's heart surgery.  I have been anxious all day.  We get to meet with the surgeon tomorrow for the consultation.  It will be so nice to have this all behind us.

The aroma of fresh banana cake has filled my house.  Recipe to come!

I will be teaching Zumba two days a week, starting Wednesday!  Goodbye baby weight.
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