Monday, April 22


Let me preface, by saying there are a LOT of pictures in this post!  There was so much beauty all around.  I couldn't help myself.

This past weekend we headed to Monterey.  There was a lot of anticipation on my behalf, seeing as I had never been there before.  I was anxious to get out of town and enjoy some quality time with my little family.  

Tyson's cousins were generous enough to let us stay at their house in Salinas.  We also had a list of all the hot spots to hit, thanks to Tyson's other cousin.

Friday morning we went to the Sea Otter Classic.  We were able to support my friend Megan on her circuit race.  Unfortunately, a piece of her bike literally fell off on her second lap.  She was unable to finish the race.  It was a a major bummer.  Luckily she had a great mechanic who was able to fix it for her race on Saturday.

We walked around and looked through all of the vender tents.  I have never seen so many bikes or cyclists in my entire life.  This was a huge event.  We were happy to be able to see Meg's do what she loves.

Later that afternoon we went Fisherman's Wharf.  We were on the hunt for crepes.  Tyson's cousins Ashley said they are her favorite.  We got there and they were done serving them at three o'clock.  We missed them by a half an hour.

So off to the taffy and candy we went.  I love stocking up on some good candy.

Each of the restaurants were handing out samples of clam chowder.  Old Fisherman's Grotto was the best.  It was the creamiest clam chowder I ever did taste.

Don't mind the chowder on my face.  It was that good.

Later that day we went and watched Tyson's cousins little boy Noah play baseball.  It had been years since I had been to a little league game.  It was fun to watch him and think about watching our kids playing sports one day.

That night we met back up with Megan and Josh to eat at Gino's.  They had the most delicious blackened chicken alfredo and artichoke bisque soup.  Italian food is my favorite.

Saturday morning we woke up early to meet Andy at the Ranch.  It was one of the most gorgeous places I have ever been.  It reminded me of my childhood.  I love horses and being out in the country.  The smells and sounds were such a great reminder.

I think horses are one of the most majestic animals.  I love soft spot by their nostrils and their chiseled jaw bones.  The smell of the horses and the leather from their saddles are two of my favorite smells.

Tyson and I had a lot of fun riding them.  It got me wanting to take riding lessons.

After riding the horses we were excited to hit Cannery Row.  We ate fish and chips and went to the Monterey Aquarium.  It was pretty amazing.  My favorite exhibits were the jelly fish and the open sea.  It was magical seeing the sharks, enormous tuna, and turtles swimming right before our eyes.

After the aquarium we went to Pinkberry.  I cannot walk by a Pinkberry and not indulge.

We had a blast Saturday night.  We ate home made Chili Verde, rice and beans.  It was outstanding.  We stayed up late talking with Andy, James and their friends.  We laughed so hard we cried and played a little Taboo.  Their dogs are awesome.  They have a Great Dane and a Boxer.

I had Stuart the Great Dane stand up on me, just to see how big he really was.

Sunday we had a delicious breakfast and went on 17 mile drive. The views were breathtaking.

The color of the water was gorgeous and the sounds of the seals was surreal.

The Lone Cypress was even more beautiful in person.

We ended our loop on Pebble Beach golf course.  I couldn't believe the views.  I can't imagine playing a round of golf on that course.  The homes that surrounded the course were ginormous.  

Everything we did was a blast.  I am already wanting to plan our next trip to Monterey.  I feel so blessed to live so close to so many beautiful places.  Penelope is the best baby to travel with.  She never makes a peep and smiles no matter where we take her.  I loved spending so much time with family and friends.  This past weekend was so rejuvenating and everything my soul needed.


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast and were able to squeeze in lots of activities! I'm so sad you didn't get to try the crepe place...I guess now you have an excuse to go back! ;)

  2. Your trip looks sooo much fun, I bet it was nice to get away for a little bit!!! You are so lucky you live close to all these fun little places! Can I please be you, you always look adorable!!!!