Monday, November 4

A Look Back

Today starts the official kick for Penelope's Birthday week.  In our house we tend to drag out birthdays for as long as possible.  I have been going through thousands of photos, that have been taken of Nellie throughout the past year, to compile into a video.   I have gotten choked up a time or two as I realize how quickly the time has gone.  I am so happy I decided to document each month of Penelope's first year.  I have so much going on in my brain, that without these little letters, I may have forgotten some important milestones.  Each month has taught me something new about myself and ultimately taught me to love more deeply than I ever thought possible. 

Now let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we....

^^^ Miss that little frog belly. ^^^

^^^ Yummy, yummy cottage cheese on those legs. ^^^

I will cherish these photo's forever!!!!


^^ Love Letters, month by month. ^^

I am counting down the days for little miss P's first birthday party.  My mom and dear friend Jessica are flying in for the festivities.  November 16th couldn't get here fast enough!
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  1. The 7 month picture breaks my heart! Her little face is so sad! #8 makes up for it though! :) happy one year Penelope!

  2. We're doing Clara's party on the 16th too!!! Ah I can't believe these babies are 1!