Monday, November 11

Wedding Weekend

While we were in Sacramento, we stayed at the most amazing hotel!  If you ask me, it was right up there with The Grand America Hotel.  It was purely love at first site.  The Building is over 90 years old and has been decorated exquisitely.  It was like this hotel knew we were coming and decorated accordingly.  The subway tiles, wallpaper, carpet, bathroom fixtures, down to the lighting was over the top.  The view from our room, was a straight shot at the State Capital.  It was ridiculous!

Our room had two large windows, that let in the most glorious light.  Penelope was enthralled with the big comfy bed and enjoyed being in new territory.  If you plan on venturing to Sacramento, make sure to book your stay at The Citizen Hotel.  

^^^ My little yogi. ^^^

^^^ Who doesn't love a freshly bathed babe. ^^^

^^^ Who would have thought, my watch would have been so intriguing. ^^^

I can't wait to go back and visit Sacramento.  I surprisingly fell head over heels for the place.  
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