Wednesday, September 16

Afternoon Shenanigans

I had my camera out this afternoon all ready to go for a family session I am shooting tonight and couldn't help but to pick it up and snap some photos of my own girls.  I just recently made a folder on my computer that contains all of the images I want to have printed.  I am great about taking pictures, but am not so good at having them printed out.  Goals!  I was luckily able to catch miss Lucy girl in action. I seriously can't get enough of watching her chubby little legs taking off.  She seriously prefers running to walking.
 ^^^ I'm pretty sure every last picture I have of P, is of her wearing her favorite pj's.  Thankfully we got her a couple new ones. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy loves her play phone.  I love watching her hold it up to her ear. ^^^
 ^^^ P begs for me to take pictures of her.  If only every child I photographed was the same way. ^^^
 ^^^ Oh hey cheese ball. ^^^
^^^ A rare moment of both of my girls glued to the tv.  And oh how I wish I had white walls.  These beige walls that the builder put in have me going crazy lately.  I just can't seem to muster up the energy or time to paint them myself, so for the time being, I guess beige will have to do. ^^^

 ^^^ Lucy cheesing it up for mum on my new rug. ^^^

After lunch Lucy made her way over to her car seat.  You would have thought we had a jungle gym in our house, by the way she was crawling all over it and laying backwards on it.  I was cracking up because every time she would lay her head back she would look up at me as if she was begging for a photo.  These little girls of mine have me all goggly eyed.  
 ^^^ She makes me a tad nervous.  This ones a daredevil, I tell ya.  ^^^
^^^ Oh my goodness I love that chubby belly. ^^^

Our days spent at home are some of my favorites.  It's crazy to think this is my last year with both girls home with me.  It already makes me a tad emotional thinking about it.  There is no agenda and we can have picnics on the floor, build forts, bake cookies, paint and watch shows together.  I'm seriously trying to savor these little moments that I know will be gone all too quickly.  I love my job of being a stay at home mama.  There is nothing more fulfilling that I have ever done.
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