Wednesday, September 9

Lucy's First Birthday

I am so excited to finally be able to post about Miss Lucy's first birthday party!  We celebrated the day of her birth a few weeks early, because we were going to be in Utah on her actual birthday.  For her party I really tried to keep it simple.  We all know that I went slightly over board on P's first birthday party.  I really wasn't even going to decorate, but couldn't help myself when it actually came down to it.  I ended up going to Party City and bought a couple of decorations.  Thanks to my sister-in-laws and Tyson's mom, they helped me pull it all together last minute.  And a huge thanks to Tyson's uncle and aunt for allowing us to take over their home.

I went with a mermaid theme because I have a slight obsession with them and wanted an excuse to purchase a couple of mermaid things, I had my eye on.  The color scheme was simple and mostly I couldn't resist dressing Lucy up in the most darling mermaid swimsuit I have EVER seen!  If you aren't already following Oh Sew Fancy on Instagram you are surely missing out.  Her talent blows my mind.  She already has my head spinning with ideas for future outfits!  Seeing Lucy in her mermaid outfit was the highlight of the night.  All of our friends and family were gushing over our chubby little thang.  

It was really the perfect evening spent with all of our loved ones.  The kiddos swam while all of us adults vegged out on pizza and salads.  Lucy was spoiled beyond belief with the cutest clothes and toys.  And as an added bonus we were able to have my mom out here for the celebration.  The only thing I didn't get around to doing was making a video documenting her first year.  I plan on working on that ASAP.  

Here's a look into Lucy girls mermaid party!
My friend Kimmy makes the most amazing cakes and not only do they look fabulous but they taste amazing.  I love the detail she put into Lucy's cake.  It really made the entire party come together.  And we all know why I go to a party anyways, it's for the cake.
^^^ I was happy I was able to reuse the gold party decorations from P's first birthday. ^^^
^^^ My little model baby. ^^^
^^^ We love this little squish of ours way more than I can even begin to put into words. ^^^
^^^ She was mesmerized by all of the balloons, then again what kid isn't? ^^^
^^^ She was eating up all of the attention when it came time for the cake smash. ^^^
^^^ Daddy had to give some instruction as to how to break into the cake. ^^^
^^^ Big sis wanted in on the fun. ^^^
^^^ Okay I seriously die at this profile, she is sooooo chubby and I just love every square inch of her. ^^^
^^^ All of our amazing and supportive family and friends. ^^^
^^^ All of the kiddos wanted a taste and Lucy was more than happy to share in the fun. ^^^
^^^ Sharing with daddy once again.  This girl loves to share her food, slobber and all. ^^^
^^^^ I'm obsessed with this picture of my girls. ^^^

^^^ My father-in-law being awesome as ever, serving up cotton candy and snow cones for the kids. ^^^
Lucy's party was so much fun, I didn't want the night to end.  Thank you again for everyone coming out to celebrate our special girl!
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  1. oh my gosh .. the decorations, her outfit, the pictures of her standing in the pool, and everything is just so perfect! It looked like a lot of fun!