Thursday, September 10

Welcome Home Elder Brown

We just got back from having the opportunity of witnessing my little brother coming home from his mission.  The anticipation of his arrival was something I have never felt before.  Penelope counted down the days for us.  I couldn't believe it had been two years since I last put my arms around him, P was just a baby and he had yet to meet Lucy.  I couldn't wait to see his smile and hear his contagious laugh.  Oh how I missed my little brother.  Josh and I have always had a special bond and this past week just solidified that. 

Just last Tuesday we arrived at the airport eager to hear all about the last two years of his life.  We waited for what seemed liked ages to see that smile.  Each person we saw in a suit coming down the escalator just made the anticipation all the more intensified.  We finally saw that handsome boy coming down the escalator, I couldn't help but scream.  The tears instantly fell and oh my goodness it was just the greatest moment ever.  My mom took off to put her arms around him.  Once they were done with that first embrace, I took off from behind the side lines and gave him the biggest squeeze ever.  It was amazing!

You could instantly see the glow that embodied him.  I can't believe what the last two years did for him.  He left as a boy and came back as a man.  He is so full of goodness and just has a desire more than ever to share the gospel and be the best version of himself.  There is just a light about him that is too hard to explain.  I am so so so so grateful for his service.  I know that not only did he bless his own life and those that he served, but he especially made an impact on our family.  What a neat experience this has been. 
Welcome Home Elder Brown from Janessa Parker on Vimeo.
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  1. Thanks for severing Josh and wondering video Janessa. Really made miss your Dad. Love you all. Uncle Gordon