Wednesday, September 23

Lucy One Year Love Letter

I have had this written for some time now, but never seemed to find the right window of time to grab a couple of pictures.  Today happened to be THE day and since it's the first day of Fall, I had to throw some pumpkins in the pictures.  Lucy doesn't last long on the chair, so we moved the photo shoot to the floor. 

I'm usually dying behind the camera anyways, but today was an entirely different story.  Briar Handmade sent us over the sweetest bonnet I have EVER seen!  You guys I am so in love.  All of the heart eyed emojis over here.  I pulled it over Lucy's chubby cheeks and couldn't contain my excitement.  It perfectly hugged those plump baby cheeks, that I secretly never want to disappear.  It is stitched immaculately, runs true to size and the material is of such fine quality.  I plan on ordering one in every color and you can bet you will be seeing a lot more pictures with Lucy showing off her new Briar Handmade bonnet. 

Now to the love letter and oodles of pictures.....

Dear Lucy,

You are my big ONE year old!  I can't believe it.  This past year flew by and was nothing short of amazing.  Although I truly cannot vividly remember your birth, it was a hard one on your mama, I can perfectly remember the moment I laid eyes on you.  I didn't think it was possible that your daddy and I could create such a beautiful baby girl.  I loved you instantly and with that love, you stretched our hearts to new limits.  You came into this world and brought with you so much goodness.  I knew right away that the Lord had bigs plans for you.  

You truly are the sweetest butter ball that there ever was.  I am already dying to get you into your one year well child check.  I can't wait to see how much you weigh and how much you have grown.  You still are the perfect squishy square.

This past month you have started to discover so many things.  You have perfected scaling and maneuver your way around the house, by transferring yourself from the wall to the couch to pretty much anything you can get ahold of.  You have taken a few steps and have perfected the balancing act.  I'm pretty sure you will be walking in no time. (You have since started walking)

You have started eating more and more solids.  Grapes, yogurt, rice, mac n' cheese are just a few of your favorites.  I laugh every time I put you in your walker, because you scoot so fast around the house and like to bang into our ankles.  It hurts, but we can't even begin to get mad at you, well except for your sister that is.  

The only way you like to take a bath is if the water is left running.  This doesn't work that well, since we are currently in a drought.  You also love drinking the water right out of the faucet and don't seem to mind water on your face.  You are the queen of throwing your head back when you don't get your way.  You love to do this in the bath, especially when I shut off the water.  It doesn't even phase you when you go slightly under water.  You are going to love swim lessons next year.  I can just feel it.

We were able to celebrate your first birthday in Utah and while we were there and you were finally able to meet your uncle Josh.  You loved being around all of your cousins, aunts, uncles and especially MiMi.  You were a little scarred of your uncle Tate's hair at first, but loved his friends and warmed up to him towards the end.  You travel great in the car and are a total fan of baby babble.  Your dad and I crack up every time we look back at you. All we have to do is turn our heads to look back at you and you greet us with the cheesiest, yummiest, squished nosed smile.

You are seriously perfect in every way and cannot wait to see what this next year has in store for you.  Thank you for picking us.  We sure love you Lucy girl!


Mama and Dada
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