Tuesday, September 15

Life Lately

Once again I have been cleaning off my computer and ran across some pictures, that I never posted to the blog.  We have been home from Utah for a week now and our bags are finally unpacked and the house is looking somewhat put together.  I'm not sure why it always seems to take me an entire week to unpack, when coming home from a vacation.  I am happy we won't be going anywhere for some time and can just enjoy being home.  I am such a home body.  I love my bed and even more than that, being back on our schedule.  The poor girls both came down with bronchitis and to top it all off Miss Lucy had an ear infection.  Thank heavens for modern medicine the girls are already perking back up.

The girls are both at the funnest stages.  They are really starting to interact and have even over heard them giggling together.  It's seriously the cutest sound.  P has officially graduated into her big girl bed.  It has only been a year in the making.  That girl has her own time table and I'm okay with that.  She started speech therapy today.  I was able to be by her side the entire time.  I loved sitting back and watching her learn and stretch her vocabulary.  She is such a smart little girl and I'm so grateful she will now have the correct tools to help her communicate better.  Lucy is taking at least eight steps before falling.  It's so fun to watch her excitement as she has started to figure out a new way of transportation.  She's glued to my hip and I wouldn't have it any other way.
 We finally received some rain the past couple of days and it has been heavenly.  The smell of freshly fallen rain is seriously one of my all time favorite smells.  We don't get rain often, so when we do I make sure to soak it all in.  It really got my fall itch kicked into high gear.  I found my way to Target and loaded my cart with anything and all things pumpkin, I'm talking bagels, english muffins, cookies, granola, doughnuts, yogurt, candy corn and candy pumpkins.  I couldn't get home quick enough.  I've been burning my fall scented candles and enjoyed my first sip of Starbucks carmel apple spice.  Ahhhh you guys I just love this time of year so much.  Most people go into hibernation and I seem to do the exact opposite and come alive.  I sported my newest pair of booties today and didn't even blink an eye that it was still 80 degrees outside.  I made a pot of my favorite taco soup and learned how to make the yummiest homemade bread, thanks to my dear friend Kim.  I'm thinking this Fall is going to be the best yet.  I'm already planning our trip to the apple farms and can't wait to watch the girls pick out their pumpkins.  
I kick off my fall family portrait sessions tomorrow.  Wish me luck!!! I will try not to be too MIA, but I can't promise anything.... Not even sure who is still reading this silly little blog of mine.  Anywho, if you stuck with me through this terribly random post, make sure to give yourself a pat on the back and go grab yourself something pumpkin!  Thanks for reading!!

P.S. I realize my blog is soooo outdated, I'm working on getting the old girl updated!  Can't wait!
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  1. I check your blog often! And love it!! I'm in Fresno, and man was that rain AMAZING!!!! Rejoicing with you! I think you're right about this fall! It supposed to have the most rain we've had in years! And I have a one month old, so it will be so sweet to enjoy it with her! Keep writing! I love your blog :-)