Thursday, September 10

My Baby Brother Is Home!

We loved spending the past ten days in Utah.  It felt like ages since we had all been together.  The girls did surprisingly amazing on the twelve hour drive there.  I was seriously shocked.  I know a lot of prayers were answered.  We were able to stay in beautiful Park City and enjoyed some killer views and weather.  There is nothing like fall in Utah!

We helped my mom prepare for Josh's arrival, by making some posters and signs.  Thank goodness for Pinterest, we had some great ideas and P loved helping me paint.
^^^ My twin. ^^^
^^^ We took Josh shopping the day after he got home.  We had a good time trying to break him back into the real world.  I loved being able to spend some quality time with him. ^^^
My mom's good friend had us over to take P on horse back ride.  P was hilarious.  She kept saying the horse was too tall.  She's used to riding pony's, so I think the big horse scared her a little.  On the other hand she loved petting Shasta.  
Isn't Utah gorgeous?!  I am always blown away at the beautiful scenery that Utah offers.  The bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds have me swooning all over the place. 
^^^ I was able to spend some time with my good friend Megan and was finally able to hold her sweet baby Watts.  He is seriously the most tender cuddly baby I ever met.  I wanted to steal him and bring him home with us.  ^^^
^^^ We had to make sure to eat at all of our favorite hot spots. ^^^
^^^ I made Tyson haul my bike all the way to Utah.  I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride with my besties in the most gorgeous place ever. ^^^
I thought I was going to die on our ride.  I can't believe what a difference the elevation change makes.  It made me realize just how out of shape I really am. ^^^
We made a trip down to SL to see my sister's new house.  It was so good to see her and her darling new place.  We were able to walk around City Creek and Temple Square.  P goes crazy anytime she spots Angel Maroni.  
^^^ I'm obsessed with this little family of mine and am so grateful I get to have them forever. ^^^
It was the first time in years that I have been in town for Swiss Days.  Tyson had never been before and was champ walking through all the madness to find me some new decor.  The ham and swiss sandwiches were just as good as I remembered and I was able to score some awesome Halloween decorations.
I was also able to take a few family photo's while we were out there and oh my goodness was it perfection.  Again the scenery is just too good.  It was the perfect week spent with family, if only we could have stayed a few extra days.  

We were able to bring Josh home with us.  You should have seen us all jam packed into the car.  We made it to Barstow and our car decided to stop working.  Our car ended up getting towed and Tyson's dad was amazing as ever and drove the four hours to take us home.  It was not how we envisioned our trip home going, but nonetheless made it back safe and sound.  
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  1. Such a sweet post and I bet it's so nice having your baby brother back (:

    Dearest Lou

  2. aw this makes me miss Utah so much! It really is gorgeous! I'm sorry your car died :( I'm glad you made it home ok though!