Wednesday, September 30

Annual Shaver Camping Trip

I just realized I never posted about our annual Shaver Lake camping trip!  The weekend before school starts, we get together with all of our friend and family and make the trek up to Shaver.  It's a lot of work packing up the car for a one night of camping trip, but the memories and fresh air seem to make all that work disappear.  

We came across this during one of our Costco trips, a few months back and couldn't help but pass up the deal.  We knew we would use it for years to come and who can beat a pop up tent.  Brilliant!  It really did pop right up.  We can all assume I would have no idea how to assemble a tent and it fit our little family perfectly, with some room to spare.
I was a bit unsure how the Lucy would handle her first camping trip, but she rather enjoyed herself.  The night was a little rough due to some cold weather, but all in all it was the perfect weekend getaway. 
We stuffed our faces full of pizza, peach cobbler, s'mores, melted Starbursts and the best homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Even our breakfast that we all threw together was tasty!  Why does everything taste soooo much better while in the mountains?!?!
P had a blast being able to explore and discover new things.  She was surrounded by so many girls and was in complete heaven with her cousins.  She nestled up in the tent with me and slept like a log, me on the other hand, well you can only imagine.  
We all loved being out on the boat.  It felt incredible to finally be able to get behind the boat.  It felt likes years since I was prego for the past few summers.  Boating is right up there with one of my all time favorite things to do.  Lucy however begged to differ.  She did not like the boat and hated her lifejacket.  I was finally able to get her to fall asleep and it was just the sweetest thing in the world.  I swear my babies never fall asleep on me.
Uncle Buzz took P out for her first ride behind the boat.  I couldn't believe how brave she was.  I was beyond proud of her.  The water was cold and she didn't even make a peep.  I couldn't stop smiling and cheering for her as I watched her try something new.  She couldn't stop talking about her experience. 
 ^^^ That face and those cheeks. ^^^
I lost track of how many kiddos there were this year!  I love that my girls are growing up making memories of camping.  Camping was the one vacation my family could count on evert year.  I have so many fond memories and look forward to building many more with my own kiddos!
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