Monday, October 19

Brown Family Photo's

While we were in Utah, my mom's dream was to have our entire family together for pictures.  It's a rare occasion that we are all together.  Any attempt we have made for pictures in the past, well they were an attempt to say the least.  My amazing friend Jessie was kind enough to rally the Brown gang together and captured some sweet moments.  Family pictures always seems to be a drag for everyone involved.  After seeing the pictures it makes all the madness worth it.  
And yes ladies, this one below is single!
My mom is the rock of our family.  None of us would be were we are without her shining example.  She put up with a lot raising five crazy little indians.  I am constantly raving about my mom, which I'm sure we all do.  But I honestly think I got one of the best.  She is kind, beautiful, faithful, strong, determined, loving and would give the shirt off of her back for any one of her children.  She sacrificed so much for us and continues to do so each day.  She always has the answer for any problem that seems to come our way, is an excellent cook, phenomenal seamstress, has some killer dance moves and gives the best back tickles.  She is all encompassing of everything I strive to become.  
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  1. gorgeous! I love all your guys' colors! Utah is so pretty :)