Friday, October 9

My World

My girls were asked to model for the most darling shop, Second Stitch To The Right.  I said yes immediately.  I'm all for pictures of my girls.  I have a zillion with just them, but hardly have any of the three of us together.  I'm a total sucker for these precious moments frozen in time and as always, my friend Stephanie Ryan captures my babes with perfection.  This stage of life is crazy fun and I hope I can always remember these precious gifts that have been given to me.  I feel beyond blessed to be these girls mama!
^^^ I have been debating cutting my hair, but after seeing these photos, I think I will keep it long for the time being.  Why is it that when we have long hair, we want short hair and when we have short hair, we want long hair?!?!  The ongoing battle I'm sure I will always face. ^^^
Some of my all time favorite pictures are with P and her besties!  My friend Kim has the most beautiful kiddos and P agrees.  The proof is in the pudding below!  
And don't mind my #doublechin.  Ha!  Gotta love getting older.
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  1. I have the same short/long hair dilemma. I have a pixie right now and LOVE it but feel like growing it out too. Haha.