Friday, October 2


Miss P started dance back up again.  It couldn't have come around any sooner.  I kept her out of classes for the summer, trying to not burn her out at such a young age.  I know how demanding dance can be and want it to be the most positive experience possible.  

When it came time to enroll her this year, I was stuck with a tough decision.  I needed to decide whether or not to keep her in the same 2-3 mommy and me class that she took last year or give her a little nudge and sign her up for the 3-5 year old tap and ballet class.  She won't be turning 3 till November, so I was really stuck as to what would be best for her.  I was so torn.  I didn't want the 2-3 year old class to not push her enough, but I was nervous the 3-5 year old class would be far over her head and I was so nervous she wouldn't be able to keep up, which might cause her to get down on herself.  

I ended up giving the 3-5 year old class a try and talked with the teacher afterwards.  She agreed that this class would a great fit for her.  She said she might be a little behind in the beginning of the year, but will catch right up as the year continues.  
Just last night I snuck my camera into her class for a split second and was amazed at how well she was doing.  I had a proud mama moment and snuck back out.  Watching her sashay across the dance floor was adorable.  She has grasped so many new concepts already and has grown so much, in these past few months. 
 I'm already dying to find out what there recital costumes and music will be!
It was one of P's classmates birthdays and she passed out the yummiest chocolate and sprinkled covered rice crispy treat.  You better believe I stole a bite or two.  It was so cute how excited all of the girls were.  P is already looking forward to passing treats out on her birthday.  It's only a month away and we have Disneyland on the agenda, next weekend to celebrate!  We are all slightly stoked!

Hope you have the best weekend!  I'll be taking some fall portrait sessions and filling my spiritual canteen with uplifting words from our Prophet and his apostles.  Conference weekend is just the best!
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  1. Oh my gosh. These photos are so sweet. She looks like she's keeping up so well. Little ballerina. My daughter starts in 6 months and I can't wait. :)