Monday, October 12

Pumpkin Patchin in Avila

This past weekend we took a day trip down to the Avila Barn.  We have started to make this a yearly tradition and this year did not disappoint.  We dressed more appropriately this time (overalls and all), but somehow still ended up drenched in sweat. Ha!  You should have seen my rosy cheeked, sweaty haired babes.  Some may say I'm crazy for driving three hours for a pumpkin patch, but you guys this is like no other pumpkin patch.  I seriously live for my fall festivities.  
I get so giddy anytime I see pumpkins.  I'm not really sure where I picked up my obsession for pumpkins, but they seriously brighten my day.  I still have my dream for a white farm house one day with a pumpkin patch out back.  It would be heavenly to have as many pumpkins as I could dream up, covering my porch and in every variety.  Those Cinderella pumpkins are pricy.
 ^^^ The sunflower fields were dreamy.  I was envisioning my little girls running around in white  dresses and twirling as the sun rays hit their upturned faces.  ^^^ 
The moment P spotted the pumpkins, she went crazy.  She had been waiting patiently to pick our her very own baby pumpkin.  
^^^ The imperfect warty amazing pumpkins have my name all over them.  I think the flawed ones have the most character and charm, if you ask me. ^^^
 ^^^ My friend Kileann and her sweet little family came along for the fun.  P is in love with her little boy.  I tell Kileann every time I see her, to watch out because I'm going to steal her litle man.  Hey, he could pass as mine. ^^^
 Tyson is champ helping wrangle our girls, while I went all sorts of pumpkin crazy. 
 ^^^ Isn't this corn beautiful?!  I wanted to take an entire bunch home with me, to decorate my kitchen table.  I resisted the urge, well knowing that I was going to spend a pretty penny on pumpkins and all of the delicious treats, begging you to purchase them with their aroma.  
 ^^^ So lucky he's all mine. ^^^
 I remembered this guy from last year and couldn't help but smile when I saw him spotting me from across the way. 
P could have fed the animals all day.  You leave a dollar in a little box and get a bag full of veggies to feed all the goats, pigs, sheep, cows and donkeys.  
We found out later that poor little Lucy had another ear infection.  She was champ missing both her naps and being in pain. 
^^^ Call me crazy cow lady, but I think she's a beaut. ^^^
 ^^^ Lucy wanted nothing to do with feeding the animals.  It was pretty cute watching her squirm in her daddy's arms. ^^^
  Seeing these adorable sheep brought back memories of my lambs, that I had as a little girl.
^^^ And I'm pretty sure the corn on the cob was my favorite part.  It's sooooo good. ^^^
^^^ They have the best apples covered in carmel sauce and nuts.  Yum!  My mouth is watering just thinking about last weekend. ^^^
 P enjoyed finding her way through the kids hay maze.  I loved watching her head bob up and down as she made her way back to me. 
^^^ Lucy passed the age limit to ride the pony's this year, so we thought we would give it a go.  She did surprisingly well.  P loved every second on her pony and made progress this year, by not freaking out when her time was up. ^^^
 ^^^ Patiently waiting her turn. ^^^
This girl is at my all time favorite age.  She is soooo easy and is seriously my best little buddy. 
 I think I love coming out here so much because it reminds me of my childhood.  I grew up with horses and that smell is just so nostalgic to me. 
 ^^^ The cutest pumpkins I ever did see. ^^^

By this point we were sweating, but couldn't pass up the opportunity to take a tractor ride to the pumpkin patch.  P was getting so frustrated because there were no "baby" pumpkins.  They were all too "tall."
 It's crazy to think just last year when we were here, Lucy was a newborn and P was only one.  Wow how my girls have grown. 
^^^ I loved having Kileann with us, not only because she's pretty amazing, but she's also a terrific photographer and I could finally have someone snap a pic of my family and not have it all blurred.
 ^^^ My sweet girl had had enough.  I'm pretty sure this is only the second time she has fallen asleep on me.  I seriously savor these precious moments. ^^^
 ^^^ P finally found her "baby" pumpkins. ^^^
The music, food, company and memories were just on point.  We left with pies in hand, a trunk full of pumpkins and two very sleepy girls.  It was perfect in every sense of the word! 
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