Thursday, November 15

Penelope Betty Parker: A Birth Story

I was woken up at 4:45 am, by thinking I had wet the bed.  I ran to the bathroom trying to make it to the toilet when a huge gush of fluid came out.  It was just like the movies.  My water had broke.  I yelled to get Tyson's attention, informing him we were about to have a baby.  He jumped out of bed faster than I have ever seen.  Almost in a panic he asked what should we do.  I called my mom and woke her up.  She told us to head straight to the hospital.  Luckily I had mine and the babies bags packed for a couple of days.  I directed Tyson on what to grab and before we knew it, we were on our way to the hospital.

The car ride seemed surreal.  I wasn't having any contractions at this time, so we were able to somewhat enjoy the ride, in disbelief that we were about to witness a miracle.  I couldn't stop smiling knowing that I was going to get to hold my sweet baby in my arms before I knew it.  We still couldn't get over the fact that she had wanted to come three weeks early.  Heavenly Father knew I was ready for this baby.  It had been a long pregnancy.

Tyson had been in San Francisco with his dad earlier that day and didn't return home until midnight that night.  He and his dad had debated staying the night because Tyson had an appointment in Stockton in the morning.  As we were driving I told him, you are so lucky you came home tonight.  I don't know what I would have done had he not come home.

We pulled up to the hospital and finally got to park in the "woman in labor parking."  I waddled my way into the hospital and got checked in.  We didn't stay long in triage, once they had determined that my water had indeed broke.  They checked to see if I was dilated, but my cervix was so far tilted the nurse couldn't tell.  I realized this was going to be the beginning of a lot of pain.  But I was ready.  They got us checked into our room and that's when the fun began.

In the mean time my mom worked on switching her flight and was able to book a flight to go out that day.  It was nice knowing that she was going to be able to share in this special experience with us.  We wanted to make sure she was going to be able to be there for the birth.  We were a little worried she wouldn't make it in time, little did we know we were in for the long haul.

Once I had gotten checked into my room the contractions began.  The nurse taught me what I needed to do to breath through the pain.  I informed them that I would be wanting an epidural.  No superwoman powers here.  They checked me after a few hours had gone by and still couldn't tell what I was dilated to, so we sat back and enjoyed the ride.  I had Tyson give me a blessing.  It brought me much comfort, as I was nervous to push a baby out of me.

A couple more hours went by and I had finally dilated to a two.  I was really starting to feel the contractions at this point so they gave me some pain medication through the IV.  That stuff was pure gold.  It put me into a daze for about an hour.  It definitely took the edge off.  After another hour or so they gave me one last injection of the good stuff.  That time around it didn't work as well, so they decided I could finally have my epidural.  I have never been more excited, even though I was incredibly nervous, as I have a fear of needles.  The epidural was surprisingly painless.  It started working immediately.  It was one of the strangest sensations.  My legs felt like a thousands pounds each. 

Right after I received the epidural my mom made it to Fresno.  I have never been so excited to see my moms face.  It was so nice to have her support on one side and Tyson on the other.  We hung out and I spent a lot of time looking on my phone at past pictures.  I couldn't help but get emotional looking through my photos and finding the last picture I ever took of me being pregnant with Penelope.  I knew I was going to miss having her safe and warm inside of me, where I could protect her from the world and ever having her heart broken.

For the next six hours I struggled with the shakes, a headache and the worst heart burn of my life.  My epidural started to wear off and the pitocin that they had put me on earlier to speed up my dilation were making me nauseous.  I was hardly progressing.  The doctor came in around 8:00 pm to see my progression.  He checked me, to find I was only at a five.  I could see the worried look in his face.  I knew if I didn't start dilating quicker I was going to have to have a c-section.  I really didn't want to have one, especially having to have gotten that far into labor.  I decided it was time to have another blessing.  Tyson called his dad and he headed straight over.  I don't remember much of the blessing other than knowing that Penelope was going to come soon.  That brought me so much comfort.  

About fifteen minutes later Tyson went out to pick up dinner from his dad.  While he was gone the doctor came in to check me and I had jumped from a five to a eight.  The blessing was truly inspired.  We knew we were going to finally be having this baby.

The rest was kind of a blur as I kept my eyes closed for the next few hours.  The lights about killed my head.  Penelope started pushing off of my ribs and sternum with her little feet.  This was something the epidural had no relief for.  I thought I was going to die.  The nurse finally gave us the good news that it was time to start pushing, I had made it to a ten.

Tyson stood by my side massaging my head and helping me count while I pushed.  I pushed for a little over an hour and the nurse made the call to the doctor.  After fifteen more minutes of pushing it was finally time to meet our little girl.  The nurse let me know that the baby had hair.  It got me even more excited to meet her.  I will never forget hearing Tyson's voice get cracky.  I knew I would be pregnant for only a few more seconds.  At 3:54 am my sweet little girl was put into my arms.  I heard the sweetest cry I have ever heard.  They put her right on my chest.  She was so warm and was immediately calmed by being with her mommy.  We loved looking into her perfect angelic eyes.  She was so alert and beautiful.  I couldn't get over her chunky arms and her chubby chubby cheeks.  It was love at first sight.  My heart grew like in The Grinch That Stole Christmas.  I thought it was going to burst.  My love not only deepened for my sweet baby, but for my husband and my own mother.  

Twenty three hours of labor I received the most beautiful gift my Heavenly Father has ever given me.  Birth is truly a miracle and a place where I have never felt closer to heaven.  Every day of heartburn, swollen feet, backache, headache, and carpal tunnel was worth it.  Our sweet baby girl was welcomed into the world weighing 7 lbs 6 oz and 19 1/2 inches long.  We counted ten fingers and ten toes and found her perfect in every way.  I will never forget the sacred feelings that were felt in those hospital walls.


  1. Ahhhh I love it! I get so choked up reading your story, bringing back memories of when June was born and the feelings. it's it crazy how much love you feel!? Such a great feeling! Congratulations, she's absolutely beautiful and perfect. Enjoy the sweet newborn stage, it goes way too fast! hope you're feeling great, and getting sleep! Sucha cute little family! Soooo excited for you!

  2. Ahhhh I love it! I get so choked up reading your story, bringing back memories of when June was born and the feelings. it's it crazy how much love you feel!? Such a great feeling! Congratulations, she's absolutely beautiful and perfect. Enjoy the sweet newborn stage, it goes way too fast! hope you're feeling great, and getting sleep! Sucha cute little family! Soooo excited for you!

  3. SO happy for you! And so lucky that you got to have her 3 weeks early!!! She's so cute. Congrats!!!

  4. I just cried because nothing is more amazing than holding your baby for the first time is it? So happy for you guys. She seriously is one in a million, I can't get over how adorable, dark, and chubby she is! Delicious! If you come to Utah I have to see her!

  5. Loved this. So sweet and tender. You're so great and your family is adorable! I love your faith in the priesthood. Truly inspiring :) thanks for sharing this, and I'm so happy baby p is finally here and in your arms!! xo

  6. OMG I soooo cried reading this. Like LynDee said it totally takes you back to when you had a baby. I'm glad I'm not the only one that had a movie gush water break! haha :D She is gorgeous I can't wait to see more pictures!! Loved the story!

  7. What a neat birth story! I can't believe your water actually broke! That doesn't happen to many people! That's so special that the blessing was able to help so much and you progressed quickly after that. I'm glad your mom was able to make it in time for the birth and that Tyson didn't stay up north! That would have been so nerve-wracking! I'm sure you are relieved to have everything done and that she is here safely. Penelope is beautiful and I can't wait to meet her in person! Congrats mommy and daddy!

  8. The picture of you holding her for the first time made me want to cry! What a lovely little family you have. And her chubby little cheeks!! I bet she gets a bajillion kisses a day! Congrats!!!

  9. Yay I love birth stories! It's like a baby story but with people I know! My feet also horribly swelled! It was funny and sad at the same time! I couldn't believe how small they were when they finally went all the way down. Good luck to you and congrats! She's adorable!

  10. My water broke 2 out of 4 times! It's great, no guessing when to go to the hospital! The veil has never been thinner than when our children were born, except perhaps when they go through the Temple for the first time and you are able to hug them in the celestial room! Congratulations!

  11. I love this story! I love the picture of you reaching for her to hold her for the first time. Precious. She is absolutely perfect!