Thursday, November 1

This Is Halloween

I can't believe another Halloween has come and gone.  I am sure going to miss my Halloween decorations, around the house.

We had a fun Halloween this year.  Out of tradition and because I was asked to make dessert for the family get together, I decorated sugar cookies.  I still remember this being one of the highlights of my childhood.  My mom used to give us each a dozen cookies to frost.  I am looking forward to keeping this tradition going with my kiddos. 

We went to Tyson's parents house for dinner and indulged in yummy soups, corn bread, and salad.  Oh how I love Halloween!

I couldn't resist dressing up Gigi.  We stopped by Pet Smart and scored with a $5 costume.  Apparently, if you wait till the last minute you end up getting 75% off.  I will forever be purchasing Gigi's costumes the day of Halloween.  We surprised Tyson at work.  Tyson couldn't believe what I put her in.  The ladies at work were eating her up. 

I of course didn't get to see my cute niece and nephews, but my sister-in-law sent me this darling picture.

I am already looking forward to next year when we get to dress up the little babe.

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