Wednesday, November 28

Penelope's First Christmas Tree

Tyson and I were so excited to take Penelope out with us to pick out her first Christmas Tree.  We were  happy to also have my sister Kiersten and our brother-in-law Jordan with us for the ride.  It was so fun walking through all of the rows of trees.  The air smelled so delicious of fresh pine.  We found the perfect tree but had to debate back and forth whether or not we wanted it flocked.  I had always envisioned a flocked Christmas tree.  The owner of the tree lot gave us a good deal and convinced us to take the leap and get it flocked.

We had to wait 24 hours for it to dry.  We couldn't wait to go pick it up.  We were happy it fit on top of our car as it ended up being a little bigger than we had thought. 

We had a blast decorating the tree while listening to Christmas music and sipping on egg nog.

It turned out perfect and fit so nicely in our living room. 

I can't wait for the Christmas season.  It is even more special this year with our sweet baby by our side.

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