Sunday, June 9

7 Months

Dear Penelope-

Today you are seven months old!  I love you more today, than I ever thought possible.  This past month has been a little difficult on your mommy.  I worried every day about your up and coming heart surgery.  I held you a little tighter each day and tried to embrace every moment with you. 

This month we introduced you to baby food.  I tried giving you peas first, but you were appalled.  You disliked them so much that your eyes watered and you spit them all up.  I decided it might be better to try giving you something different.  You inhaled the carrots, squash and sweet potatoes I gave you.  I love feeding you in your big girl high chair.  

You are still waking up once a night to eat, but I don't mind it at all.  You wake up bright and early every morning.  My favorite thing is to bring you into our bed and snuggle with you.  You love watching cartoons, while you lay in bed with me.  

You are so aware of everything around you.  Your eyes follow anything and everything.  You like to scream at the top of your lungs to get our attention.  You are content laying on the ground or being in your Mamaroo, as long as you can keep on eye on one of us.  

You go to Grandma Parker's house, every Monday and Wednesday, while I teach Zumba.  You are always such a good girl for her.  We have a good routine you and I.  You have one long nap during the afternoon and for that I am grateful.  We still take a bath together every day.  You smile as soon as you hear the water turn on.  You splash your arms and even try to drink the water.  You love your bath toys that grandma got you.  

Your new obsession is holding mommy's phone.  If I try and take it away from you, you scream.  It cracks us up.  You have grown leaps and bounds this past month.  You jumped from 9 month clothes to 12 months, in a matter of weeks.  All of your headbands are starting to get a little too tight for comfort.  Good thing your mommy likes to make them for you.  When anyone has a drink of a water bottle in front of you, you fuss till someone gives it to you.  

You have started reaching for GiGi.  I have had to stop you from pulling her hair, a time or two.  It's nice that GiGi is so sweet, I don't think she even minds.  I can't wait to watch the two of you grow up together.  

You amaze me every day my sweet baby girl.  Everyone around us comments on what a good baby you are.  I thank my Heavenly Father every day, that you were sent to our family.  You light up our home and make every day worth living, better than the last.  You make our world spin round.  You made it through your open heart surgery with flying colors.  You are our miracle.  I love you to pieces my little peanut butter.


Mama and Papa       
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