Thursday, June 13

Day 8: Home Stretch

Last night ended up being a little rough.  Penelope's last IV ended up going bad.  They were going to put another one in but decided to try and give her medication orally.  I was so erie of her taking that darn medication, but much to my surprise, she got it down just fine.  I was so happy to have her last IV out.  She was happy to have both of her feet free at last.  When it came time to take her blood, they were unable to get what they needed out of the first draw.   They ended up having to poke her heel to make up the rest.   I was so happy to finally have it all over with and to have her last IV out.  She was happy to have both of her feet free at last.

The days here are getting more and more routine and we are adjusting to the new schedule.  We woke up and headed down to the x-ray machine.  P's x-ray came out clear once again.  This was great news.  I was anxious to hear what Dr. MacDonald would say about her chest tube output.  He came in and kept things short and sweet.  I finally heard the magic words that today was the day the chest tube would come out.  I don't think I have smiled that big in a long time.  The PA came into the room and immediately removed the tube.  I was surprised how quickly he took it out.  I couldn't believe they didn't even need to put a stitch in, to hold her skin together.  Penelope was uncomfortable for only a minutes time.  She soon realized how great it was to no longer have that tube in her.

Dr. MacDonald said they will take another x-ray and echo in the morning.  If everything looks good, we will finally get to go home.  Hip Hip Hooray!!!! I asked him about he blood levels and he said everything looked great.  His report was music to my ears.

Tyson's mom came by this morning and brought me another Jamba Juice.  I could get used to drinking a Peanut Butter Mood every morning for breakfast.  She watched Penelope while I ran and picked up some gifts and a card for Dr. MacDonald.  I also wanted to get Nellie a few things.  I got her an outfit to go home from the hospital in and a stuffed sea hoarse that sings.

I brought back In N' Out and we talked while Tyson's sister Jana came to visit.  Nana Parker and aunt Cindy also stopped by to visit.  They brought the cutest stuffed bunny for P and some tasty popcorn for us.  It was as good as ever to have visitors.

Later in the afternoon I was able to spend some alone time with Penelope.  It was peaceful and tender.  I talked with her and made her laugh.  I nursed her and held her close to me.  It was especially nice without all of the wires hooked up to her.  Once she fell asleep I tried to lay down for a minute.  It ended up being a little difficult because the patient in the next room was coming out of anesthesia and was having all sorts of problems.  The poor kid was not making sense and cracking me up.  I really did feel bad for him though.  He was in tears and yelling on and off.  It is beside me why they don't seal off the rooms here.

Cara came by later and kept me company till Tyson got back from another work appointment.  It has really meant so much having her here every day.  She brought Nellie the cutest outfit and me my favorite sugar cookie.  She couldn't be more thoughtful.

We had the privilege of having Stephanie Ryan come take photos of our stay here in the hospital.  She said she was just paying it forward.  I got a little sneak peek on her camera and it took everything in me to fight back the tears. Stephanie has such a talent and captured more than I ever thought possible.  Dr. MacDonald even stopped by for the pictures.  I really wanted that and was so happy he made time in his busy schedule to do so.

We were able to give Dr. MacDonald a gift basket full of cycling loot, a Starbucks gift card, and some other treats.  He has completed multiple Iron Mans and shares a love for cycling.  I had hoped he would like it, I was elated when he lit up.  He loved everything about it.  It was the least we could do for what he has done for our daughter.

Here is what the card read:

Dear Dr. MacDonald,

I don’t think we can fully articulate, just how much love and appreciation we have for you.  In touching our daughter’s heart, you have touched ours.  There is no one we would have rather performed her surgery.  We so appreciate all of the time and devotion you dedicate to your job.  You are a fascinating man and are an answer to our prayers.  We are so grateful for the care and kindness you have shown, not only to Penelope, but to us.  You radiate the essence of kindness and a true passion for your job.  Throughout this journey you have set our minds at ease and helped ease our burdens.  I don’t think we could ever thank you enough, for the gift you have given our daughter.  We are eternally indebted to you. There will always be a special place for you within our family.

From the bottom of our hearts thank you!


Tyson and Janessa Parker


We ended the day with Tyson's parents bringing us CPK for dinner.  They have been amazing through this entire stay.  They have brought countless meals, taken care of GiGi, checked on us even when they couldn't be here, strengthened us through prayer, and uplifted us with there hugs and encouraging words.

Tyson's cute cousin also came by to say goodnight.  We are hoping she can get feeling better soon and can go home as well.

I knelt in prayer tonight with nothing but a heart full of gratitude.  I witness to the miracles that take place on a daily basis.  I have a deeper love for those around me and want to help in any way that I can.  My testimony has grown leaps and bounds.  I know that God lives.  He hears and answers prayers.  The priesthood is a blessing in my life that I could never take for granted.  The Atonement can heal broken hearts and grant us the comfort we need through any trial, no matter how big or small.  When we put our full trust in the Lord, we will be blessed beyond our capacities.  Life is such a wonderful thing and I am so grateful for the hills and mountains that have been put in my path, that have strengthened me and made me who I am today.  Our trials can truly turn into our greatest blessings.  The Lord will always make a way if we but have faith in him.

My love for Penelope cannot be measured.  I am beyond blessed to get to be her mom.  I cannot wait to see the places she will go in this life.  I have a deeper love and appreciation for Tyson.  He has been my rock through this entire experience.  He has remained positive from the beginning and has strengthened me to new heights.  I love my family with all my heart.

I could have not gotten through this experience without each one of my family members, friends, strangers, nurses and doctors.  The way others reached out to us gave me the hope I needed.  I appreciate every thoughtful comment and the visits, gifts, treats, meals and so much more.  


Hopefully we will be home safe and sound in our own beds tomorrow night!

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