Monday, June 3

A Week of Madness

It feels like forever since I had been to Utah.  I had been anticipating this trip for some time.  The first stop of the trip was to Swig in St. George.  I had heard raving reviews about their sugar cookies and dirty Diet Coke.  We couldn't get to St. George fast enough.  As soon as we pulled up I sank my teeth into the famous Swig cookie.  I am sad to say I was disappointed.  Not that the cookie wasn't good, it just didn't live up to all of the hype.  On the other hand the dirty Diet Coke was delicious.  

After thirteen hours we pulled into Utah.  It felt so good to pull into Heber Valley.  Those mountains have a way of embracing me and making me feel right at home.  It had been months since my brothers had seen Penelope.  As soon as they saw her, they couldn't get enough.  Penelope sure felt the love.

This little girl of mine cracks me up.

When did she start looking like such a big girl?

Memorial Day was a great day.  We started off the morning with a 5K.  We had shirts made that had my dad's picture on the front and Tyson's brother Kyle's picture on the back.  The weather was absolutely beautiful.  My mom was so worried about the run.  She surprised us all when she ran the entire time.  I had to sprint to catch up to her, in order to cross the finish line with her.  Tyson and Tate were there at the finish line cheering us on.  This is a tradition I hope to keep up, in the years to come.

Following the run we headed down to Salt Lake to Litza's Pizza.  It is a family tradition to eat their every Memorial Day.  We devoured garlic bread, Pizza and the famous Hire's Root Beer. 

We then went and left some flowers on my grandparents grave.

We rushed back to Heber so we could visit my dad's grave before the boys went golfing.

Penelope was smiling and laughing the entire time we were there.

We were lucky enough to spend four nights in Park City.  It felt so good to relax in the hot tub at night. There was also an enormous tub in the master bedroom.  Penelope and I were in heaven.  I made sure to take a bath in there every single day.

P loved all of the pillows and watching cartoons in the morning.

We had so much fun shopping at the outlets and at City Creek.  I ended up getting two new pairs of shoes, since non of mine fit me since having P.  I also found a fantastic swimsuit.  I hate swimsuit shopping.  I always end leaving depressed, but this one left me feeling good.

I spent a fair share of my time at the Dairy Keen.  I was so happy I got to catch up with some of my childhood friends.  I grew up next door to these two girls.  We shared many memories together.  They have grown into beautiful women and have the most darling kids. 

My friend Steph from my Jazz dancing days was in town the same time as me.  We met up with some of our other former Jazz Girls at the Dodo.  My spinach salad was yummy, but the Tollhouse pie was pure perfection.  I love each one of these girls.  I only wish we lived closer.

Steph and I decided that her baby Sam and P need to get married.  I couldn't handle the cuteness of these babies together.

In between packing my mom's house and moving we were able to meet up with our good friends Scott and Laura.  We ate at Porcupine Grill and caught up on each others lives.  

We decided to end the night with Red Mango.  They had peanut butter and white chocolate for flavors. Oh my it was heavenly.  We sure miss the Goode's and hope one day to be closer to each other.

Saturday night Tyson and I were able to have dinner with my bestie Maggie and her husband and our good friend Nick and his wife Madison.  We chatted over margarita pizza and Diet Coke.

While at dinner Maggie and Ben told us about these churros at one of my other favorite restaurants.  So we decided to head over there after dinner.  I don't know how I have gotten away with not trying these before.  

They melted in my mouth.  Just talking about them is making my mouth water.

It was such a crazy week between family pictures, a hair cut, meeting with friends and family, graduations, and moving my mom.   The time there always goes by way too fast.  There were people I didn't get to see and places we didn't get to visit, but helping my mom move was most important.  It was sad saying goodbye to my mom's house but I am grateful for the condo she gets to live in.  

I always feel a little sad as I pull away and pass Timp.  I still dream about the day when we can move back.  Although I know it is probably not a reality, I still like to dream. 

It was nice coming back into our house and sleeping in our own bed and boy did we miss GiGi.  

As soon as we hear when my brother will be leaving for his mission, we will start planning our next trip.
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  1. What a fun trip!! I cannot get enough of your sweet baby girl's pics!! She just has thee cutest smile and the light shines from her so much!! Those churros look so YUMMY!! Glad you had a great trip, and how exciting about your little brother going on a mission soon!!


  2. Where did you get the churros? I'm in town right now and I need one!!