Friday, June 7

Day 2

Today has turned out to be such a great day.  Penelope started out the morning no longer needing her oxygen.  The nurse was able to remove her catheter, the IV in her femoral artery, and her temperature probe.  It was so wonderful to watch the wires disappear from around my baby.  They were able to move her into a crib and make her a little more comfortable.

The doctors made their rounds and stopped by to check on little Nellie.  They said she looked great and gave me the go ahead to feed her.  Up until this point she had only had Pedialyte.   I was surprised they were going to allow me to breastfeed her.  I couldn't wait to hold her.  I was so nervous I was going to hurt her though.  She nursed a little on one side, but started spitting up.  I also felt like I was just making her more uncomfortable.  She slept in my arms for a little bit, before I put her back into her bed.  It was so nice to feel her warm squishy body against mine.  I tried to feed her the rest of what I had pumped afterwards, but her poor body was not having it.  She spit up everything she had eaten and more.  I felt so bad for her.  They said it could be a mixture of nausea from the anesthesia, the narcotics, and possibly her esophagus reacting, from being tugged and pulled on during surgery.  

The only worry the doctors had with her drinking breast milk was the possibility of it turning the fluid that was draining from her chest tube, into a jelly form.  They told us once the fat hits the liquid, it sometimes causes it to thicken and not drain any longer.  She wasn't able to keep anything down today, but they said it wasn't a worry for now.

On a positive note, Penelope was a lot more herself today.  She was growling like usual and even singing for a little bit.  She almost let out a smile, but not completely.  It was amazing to see the change from yesterday and how quickly it took place.  She loves watching her monitor and the tv.  Me and Tyson's favorite thing is holding her chubby little hand.  It's hard to step away from her bedside, because I don't want to let go.

Dr. MacDonald said if all goes well, she may even be able to get out of the PICU tomorrow and move onto the first floor.  The fluids from her chest tube are starting to turn from red to yellow, which is a good thing.  If the draining continues to slow down, they may even be able to take that out. 

As her parents we couldn't be more pleased at the progress of Penelope's recovery.  I know she has been blessed and watched over.  She has and continues to be such a brave girl.  I am already missing hugging and squeezing her, like crazy.  I know that that will come with time and am so grateful for how far she has already come.    

My mom has been amazing.  It has been such a blessing having her here.  She allows me and Tyson to step away and eat.  She even took GiGi on a walk today and let her sleep on her bed.  She has been wonderful to bring us stuff to the hospital.  She even did my hair for me today.  Tyson's parents have been so gracious as well.  Anytime we ask for help they always follow through so willingly.  
My love continues to grow for Penelope and for Tyson.  I love my family so much and would be lost without them and the Gospel.  I can't stop thanking my Heavenly Father for his outpouring of blessings, in Penelope's behalf.  I feel like I can't say thank you enough.  A weight has been lifted off of my chest and I feel like I can breath, now that this surgery is over with.  I know there is still a road ahead, but I know that through my faith and others Penelope will continue to be blessed.
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