Sunday, June 9

Day 4

Today has been such a remarkable day for Penelope.  We started out the morning praying that Penelope  would be able to keep down her food.  I nursed her early on and it seemed that it was going to stick.  That was until the nurse decided it would be okay, to force her to take some medication.  Everything came right up.   I was so bummed.  I knew that if she couldn't keep her food down, today would be the day the feeding tube was going in.  

I had to say goodbye to my mom today.  I think this time was almost as hard as the time she left me right after I had Penelope.  I couldn't think about it or I knew I was going to cry.  I was so happy she got to spend as much time with us as she did.  I never get sick of having my mom around.  She is my strength and I rely so much upon her example.

I decided to go take a shower after my mom left.  As I was getting ready Tyson sent me a picture of Penelope sticking her tongue out.  It made me so happy to see that face.  I had him send me a video, so I wasn't missing out.  When I walked into the room Nellie was sticking her tongue out and smiling.  Oh how it did my heart good.  She was kicking her legs and reaching for her toes.  She was aware of the wires and started reaching for my phone again.  Uncle John and Aunt Cara came to visit as well.  Penelope lights up every time she sees them.

Nellie started showing signs of hunger, so I decided to try feeding her again.  She ate really well.  We were on pins and needles hoping she would keep it down.  Much to our surprise she never spit up.  As soon as the milk settled into her stomach, she was even happier than before.  I decided it would be a good time to take her seven month old pictures.  I always look forward to taking her picture with her bunny on our coral chair.  Today would be different, but I knew it was something I wanted to remember.  She still looked darling as always.

Since it had been 72 hours it was time to change the dressing, that was covering her incision.  I was a little nervous to look at the incision, but was also curious to see how big it was.  I was shocked when I saw how minimal it was.  I was so happy and grateful for the work that Dr. MacDonald performed on her. 

They were able to remove the central line that was in her groin.  It was awesome to have yet another wire gone.  Dr. MacDonald made his rounds and informed us that Penelope still had too much fluid coming out of her tube, to have it removed.  He did order for us to move down to the first floor and out of the PICU.  He reiterated that if she did not keep down food this afternoon they would have to put the feeding tube in. 

It came time for me to feed P again.  I prayed and pleaded with the Lord, for it to be accepted into her little tummy.  She nursed perfectly and kept every drop down.  I was beyond happy.  The nurse informed me that after I was done pumping the other side it would be time to move rooms.  As I went into the NICU to pump for the last time I soaked up my experiences there.  That is where I would go for peace and found myself on my knees a lot there.  A friend that I had made was in the stall next to me.  I wished her luck with her baby and hoped for the best for them.  We packed up Penelope's crib and made our way down to the first floor.  You had better believe I wasn't about to leave all that milk behind, that I had pumped.

We were greeted by our friends Shaun and Brooke.  They were so sweet to come visit us.  The brought Penelope some toys, a book, and the most thoughtful card.  They are amazing friends and we look up to them so much.  Their example of generosity and loyalty is something we have to strive for.  One of the toys that they brought made the silliest sound, or so P thought.  She was laughing and smiling like crazy.  It was the best thing I had heard in awhile.  I knew she was feeling better and for that I was relieved.

Later on in the evening Grandma Betty came by again to see us.  Her visits never get old.  Tyson's parents brought us a delicious spaghetti dinner.  It was so yummy to have a home cooked meal.  I think it did us all good.  Tyson's cousins and Uncle John stopped in to say hello.  Hannah and Malachi are staying here in the hospital as well.  It was good to see their cheery faces.  They are such strong kids, especially with all they have to go through.

I was able to feed Nellie one last time before I put her to bed.  Her and I are getting back in sync and I love it.  She needs me and I need her.  Many prayers have again been answered.  I couldn't be more grateful for this.  I knew that Penelope needed the nutrients from the breast milk to help heal her body.  Today was a superb day.  I was again amazed at the strength Penelope has shown and the enormous progress she made today.  
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  1. I am SO GLAD things are going well. I can't even begin to imagine how scary this experience has been for you. She is seriously so stinking cute!!!