Friday, June 28

Beach Bum

Our annual Newport Beach vacation, is just around the corner.  That means it is crunch time for me, to get back into shape.  Here are a few of my go-to beach items.

Beach Bum


1.  My skin gets so dry after I bake in the sun all day.  The smell of this lotion is fantastic and feels great on my skin.  

2.  As I get older, I am starting to take care of my skin a little more.  This is the perfect hat to shade those rays from my face.  Even though I do love that time of year, when my freckles come out.

3.  You can never have to much water.  I love how this bottle keeps my water cool and stores so much of the essential H2O.

4.  Having my nails painted is crucial.  I love anything bright a fun for summer.

5.  I am in love with these sandals.  I had a pair every summer growing up and have since started the tradition for me and Penelope.  They are beyond comfortable and are perfect dressed up or down.

6.  This perfume reminds of being at the beach 24/7.  There are not many smells I love more, than the scent of summer.

7.  This swimsuit is to die for.  I love that is covers up those newly acquired mommy hips and has that vintage flare, I love so much.

8.  This lip gloss gives the appearance of a more plump lip and makes your pearly whites glow.

9.  I am obsessed with my sunnies.  I don't go anywhere without them.   


I am looking for a good read while I am at the beach.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

What are your go-to summer essentials?!?!

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