Monday, June 3

Class of 2013

I have been a little MIA from blogging sphere, but all for good reason.  

Tyson and I headed out to Utah to support my brother on his big day!

My little brother Joshua just graduated from High School and not only that, he graduated from Seminary.  

I am beyond proud of him!

I have always had a special place in my heart for this brother of mine.  I loved taking care of him when he was a baby.  I couldn't wait to feed him or change his diaper.  He is the brother that will still rub my feet and back.  He will even get me a bowl of ice cream when I ask.  I think the world of him.

It is so crazy that he is all grown up now.  He has turned into such a handsome young man.

As I sat through graduation I couldn't help but feel old.  It has been 10 years since I have graduated.  10 years!  It was fun to see all of my old teachers and remember the impact they made on my life.  

I always look forward to these BIG days in my siblings lives.  I can always feel my dad near.  I felt him as soon as they announced my brothers name and he walked across that podium.  I know he is so proud of Josh and all of the decisions he has made.

Nellie was a angel through the entire ceremony.  All I had to do was give her something new to play with.

Josh has more big things coming his way.  His mission papers are in and he is anxiously awaiting his call.  I can't wait for that Skype call to hear him read where he has been called to serve.  Josh has been surrounded by so many great influences.  In his graduating class there have been fifty kids who have already received their mission calls and at least ten more awaiting their call.  I can't believe it!

I am so grateful I could be there to support Josh!
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  1. Such cute brothers! He and Tate look so much alike it's crazy! Handsome boys! Sounds like Josh is an awesome kid. And I love little brothers that give massages :) Mine still will too!