Sunday, July 20

Baby #2, 33 Weeks

Craving - Hungry Bear Cookies!  It is sad to say, but I have been frequenting there all too often. I can't get enough of their black and white cookies.  Ice cream and sugar cereal are also right up my ally.  This baby has a sweet tooth just like her mama.
Sleep - I fall asleep easily, but awake often to use the restroom.  One night I counted going 12 times.  This baby loves dancing on my bladder.  I have also grown accustomed to sleeping with a pillow in between my legs and having the A/C blasted.
Movement - This week I have really started to notice a difference in her movement.  She is getting so strong in there.  One night Tyson put his hands on my belly and couldn't believe how much she moved.  She kicks and punches all night long.  I can also feel her hiccups every once in awhile. 
Missing - Things have honestly been so wonderful this pregnancy.  There isn't much I am missing lately other than being able to bend over and put my shoes on or paint my toenails.  But I love any excuse I can find to get a pedicure.
Belly Button - It's finally starting to make its way out.  It looks a little silly when I wear tighter clothing.  Penelope always points to it and says "oweeee".
Maternity Clothes - Yes, always but have been trying to squeeze into old shirts, just to give myself a variety.  Just recently discovered how wonderful the maternity line is at ASOS.  My only regret is not ordering anything from them sooner.
Stretch Marks - Still no stretch marks.
Swelling - Only when I do too much throughout the day or get in a place without good air circulation.
Symptoms - Monday after teaching Zumba, I started having back to back contractions.  They were so painful and had me worried.  Luckily after laying P down for her nap, I was able to get some rest and they went away.  My doc said it was body telling me I was doing too much.  I was quickly reminded how labor was going to feel.  The baby still enjoys resting on my sciatic nerve.  It is so painful, but luckily doesn't last too long.  
Overall Mood - I'm getting more and more anxious and trying to embrace these last few weeks with just the three of us.  I am having a hard time thinking about how P is going to handle the transition.  It breaks my heart a little, but knowing she will have a built in best friend, helps ease the worry.
Looking forward to - We leave for our annual Newport trip on Thursday.  I also get to see my sister and brother-in-law.  It has been over seven months since seeing my sister and over a year since seeing her hubby.
Highlight of the week - Having my friend Stephanie come take maternity photos of me and P.  I know I will treasure them forever.  I can't wait to get them back.


Tyson was a sweetheart and knew how much I have been wanting a new pair of Birk's.  I was beyond thrilled when he told me I could go pick some out.

^^^ Can you see the difference from this pregnancy to the last?!?!  I still ache looking back at my swollen ankles and toes.^^^
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  1. I followed you from Alyse's blog. It's fun to watch your pregnancy since I'm just a bit further along with my third. Glad it's going better for round two!