Saturday, July 26

Little Miracle

I was beyond flattered and honored when my friend Kim asked me to photograph her birth story.  Unfortunately, her scheduled c-section was going to be a day after we were to leave on vacation.  I was so bummed that I was going to miss her special day.  

Tuesday morning Tyson woke me up with a text at 6:30 am letting me know that Kim's water had broke.  I jumped out of bed and drove straight to the hospital, bed head and all.  I was in such a rush I almost forgot my camera. 

I met Curtis and Kim in the triage unit and witnessed their beautiful day!  Words seriously cannot describe what a special day it was.  We were all beyond thrilled that Dr. Swanson allowed me into the surgery.  I think it helped being one of his patients as well.

It was the perfect day.  Baby Trey is beyond adorable.  It has been awesome to be pregnant with one of my best friends!

Trey's Birth Story from Janessa Parker on Vimeo.

You can see full images on my photography website!
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  1. you are so talented!!! brought some serious tears to my eyes!!