Wednesday, July 30

Baby #2, 34 Weeks

Craving - I have to say being down here in Newport is every prego's dream.  I have been heavily enjoying Cafe Rio salads almost daily.  I drench my lettuce and tortilla in their heavenly dressing.  I have also made a rash decision to give up Diet Coke, will see how long that lasts.  Sprinkles, Pink Berry and more macaroons will be making their way onto my list this week.
Sleep - It has been rough not sleeping in my own bed, but the fresh ocean breeze has been nice to fall asleep to.  Getting out of bed to use the restroom is not pretty.  I seriously have to roll out of bed.
Movement - Baby girl still loves to move like crazy.  It's fun because other people can now see her movement at a quick glance.  I giggle when I look down at my lopsided belly.
Missing - Still missing being able to bend over.  It is getting more and more difficult to even pull myself off of the couch and it makes me sad, but it is getting really hard to carry P around.
Belly Button - Half in half out.  It's quite a site to see. You can see it peeking out in most of my shirts.
Maternity Clothes - Of course!  I feel like I have doubled in size since getting down here to Newport.  All of my clothes are getting a little snug.
Stretch Marks - Still no stretch marks.  I keep waiting for them to appear, from the pain I feel from my ever stretching belly.
Swelling - The beach has increased my swelling, but luckily it goes back to normal in the night.  If I can keep out of the heat I am golden.
Symptoms - My braxton hicks have seemed to go away, but the baby resting on my sciatic nerve has increased.  I can't walk far without a shock shooting down my leg.  I'm sure people behind me figure I am going into labor from the yelp I let out, each time it happens.
Overall Mood - I am so thankful to be pregnant and for the opportunity to bring another baby into this world, but as the weeks go on I am getting more and more excited to have her in my arms.  I have felt a big swing in my mood.... poor Tyson.  I think the stress of moving and trying to get everything ready about did me in.  Thankfully we have had this vacation to unwind and enjoy quality time as a family, with no projects to get done.
Looking forward to - I am truly just enjoying the moment!
Highlight of the week - Being in Newport with my family.
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  1. Janessa,
    I love your blog, and we love you! We think about you all the time, and we are so excited for you to have your new little one. She will be beautiful, just like Penelope. I love seeing her pictures. She's such a doll. Take care and good luck. She'll be here before you know it. Send Tyson our love.
    Love you,