Wednesday, July 30

Newport Family Night

One of my favorite traditions that we do when coming down to the beach every year, is roasting mallows by the fire and listening to Tyson's uncle Craig play his guitar.  P loves the playground that is right next to the fire pits.  She goes up and down the slides over and over again yelling "moore, moore."

This year we had to rush the festivities because apparently you are only allowed to burn charcoal.  Luckily the officer was kind enough to give us ten minutes to get our roast on.  After singing a few songs a few of us rushed off to watch the Finale of the Bachelorette.  Why do I love that show so much!?!?  

^^^ John stepped up and took the task of manning the fire. ^^^

^^^ P's first bite of heaven. ^^^

^^^ The most handsome little guy around. ^^^

^^^ I feel so lucky to call him mine. ^^^

^^^ Kissing cousins. ^^^

^^^ She is beyond obsessed with her grandpa. ^^^

^^^ My beautiful sis and BIL. ^^^

^^^ P wants to be swung at every given moment.  She will collapse her knees and lean back until we get a swinging. ^^^

^^^ Yes I love him so. ^^^

^^^ The two that make everything possible. ^^^

^^^ If only you could hear the sounds behind her pointing.  She notices every airplane and helicopter. ^^^

 It is crazy to look back on last year and see how much everybody has changed.  
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