Sunday, July 6

Ruffles & Lace

There is something so thrilling in going to get the mail.  Maybe it's because I wait so long in between my jaunts to the mailbox.  Just last week I went to the maibox and saw a sweet little package addressed to Miss Penelope.  I opened it up, to find the most adorable 4th of July outfit.  My sister-in-law Cortney is beyond thoughtful.  P absolutely loved it and couldn't get over all the ruffles and bright colors.  She begged for me to put it on her.

Thank you Cortney for making this girls day!

^^^ Another bonus, Grandma Brown is here visiting and got to see her in all those ruffles and lace. ^^^

^^^ P decided to lay down on the cement for a photo shoot.  This girl sure knows how to work the camera. ^^^

^^^ She loves her auntie Cara as well. ^^^

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