Wednesday, July 16

One Year Check Up

A couple of weeks ago P went in for her annual echocardiogram, to monitor the healing of her heart.  As usual I worried and worried and wondered how the whole test would turn out.  Not so much about the outcome, but how P would hold still long enough for the tech to get clear enough pictures.  Like most things, she proved me wrong.  She did amazing.  She laid still the entire time and even let out a few giggles.  That little girl impresses me more and more every day.  Everything turned out great!  What a relief it was to hear that her heart looked perfect.  

They will monitor her heart again in a year from now, just to make sure there is no scar tissue preventing a normal blood flow through her left pulmonary artery.  

I can't walk through the halls at Children's Hospital without being overcome with gratitude that everything turned out so well for Penelope.  I know what could have happened and just feel so blessed to have our baby healthy and thriving.  Modern medicine is such a blessing!  Her tiny scar has healed amazingly, but I love the little reminder it is to me every day, just how lucky I am to have her in my life.
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