Tuesday, July 9

8 Months

Dear Penelope,

Are you really four months away from being a one year old?  Wow, how the time has flown by.  You are turning more and more into a big girl every day.  Two of your little baby teeth broke through this past month.  They make that smile of yours, that much cuter.  You love your baby food, but still prefer nursing over all else.  You are jibber jabbering more and more.  I can't wait to hear what that little voice of yours will sound like.  I'm pretty sure you are the brink of saying mama and dada.  For now you growl and scream to your hearts content.  

You have turned into such a wiggle worm.  Changing your diaper has turned into a bit of a wrestling match, between you and I.  You want to roll over constantly.  If I lay you on the ground, you will end up far from where I left you.  You have finally figured out your jumper.  Your papa and I have so much fun watching your chubby legs bounce up and down.  You have really started to love music.  You dance every time music comes on.  It's pretty much the cutest thing I have ever seen.

You are such a chunk these days.  Everyone comments on your rolls.  Some have compared you to the Michelin man or the baby off of the TV show Dinasours.   I can't help but nibble on your arms and legs, every chance I get.  You are so flexible!  You sit on my laps in the splits and fold in half when we pick you up.   

Your hair is still trying to come in.  I love standing your hair straight up with baby lotion.  Your eyes are still trying to figure out what color they are.  Sometimes I think they are going to be hazel and other times they look a greyish brown. 

You are my best buddy.  I call you peanut butter and you light up.  You love to run errands with me.  You are a gem when it comes to riding in your car seat.  If your schedule gets thrown off, you have no problem picking up right where you left off.  You love when I sing to you and tickle your feet.  Your favorite thing is grabbing my jewelry.  You love anything shiny. My "P" necklace is your favorite thing to grab onto when you are nursing.  

Speaking of nursing you are very easily distracted.  I have to make sure there is no sound or anything around that can distract you.  You know if your daddy is near and want to grin at him instead of eating.  You do the same thing when GiGi is around.  You don't miss a beat.

You are still the most easy going baby, I have ever known.  I really don't know how I got so lucky.  I love sneaking into your nursery at night, before I go to bed and giving you a kiss.  You are our little angel.  I am loving watching every stage of your life.  


Mama and Papa

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