Tuesday, July 16

My Top Hair Products

You could call me a hair product connoisseur, if you would.  I have a slight obsession with hair products.  Having a sister-in-law that does hair, doesn't hurt.  I honestly think I have tried almost every brand of product out there and I always go back to my favorites. 

My Top Hair Products

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1.  I trade off every other week between my Pureology shampoo and conditioner and my favorite Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner.  I remember my hair dresser using this on me and wondering what she was using.  The smell is outstanding and the way it keeps my hair hydrated and soft is outstanding.

2.  I have gone through blow dryer after blow dryer and have been blown away by this one.  Don't be discouraged by its size.  It is small but powerful at that.  It gets my hair dry quickly and is easy to store.  

3.  This stuff is magical fairy dust.  I used it mostly when I had short hair, but still love what it does for my longer hair.  Sprinkle a little of this on your roots and your hair will hold for days, giving you lovely volume and texture.

4.  This brush is shaped in a square so I can't call it a round brush.  Its shape allows you to get right under your roots and get that perfect volume.

5.  This hairspray not only holds without that stiffness other hairsprays give you, but it smells like candy.  I have my mom and sisters hooked on this stuff.

6.  I put a small drop of this in my hair, before I blow dry it.  It gives it that smooth look and helps prevent my hair from heat damage.  It also gives it a nice healthy shine, when I put it on afterwards.

7.  This straightener is also small in size, which works wonderfully for short hair.  They also make a larger one for longer hair.  This is the only straightener that gets my hair stick straight without damaging the ends.  It also works great to give your hair the perfect beach wave.

8.  If you haven't figured it out already, I love me some volume.  I spray this on my roots when it is still wet and let it go to work, as I blow dry my hair.  I have used this for years and plan on using it for years to come.

What has and hasn't worked for your hair?

Thoughts on dry shampoo?


  1. Love these pics! I really need to try that shampoo and conditioner! I've heard great things about it!

  2. I want to try a few new products now:)