Tuesday, July 23

San Diego Temple Trip

Saturday night was the night my baby brother Josh was able to go through the temple, for his first time. The San Diego Temple has always been his favorite temple and it just so turns out my sister only lives an hour away.  Tyson was able to be by his side the entire time.  I love the close relationship that these two have with one another.

My sister was luckily able to find us a baby sitter for Nellie, while went to the session.  Thankfully, she is such a good baby, I didn't worry too much about her.

I had only ever seen the San Diego Temple from the freeway, this time was different.  I was not only able to the see the outside in all its glory, but I was able to go inside.  As soon as we pulled up I was elated.  The temple was beyond stunning.  I felt like a little girl walking into her castle.  

It was a very tender evening.  I am so grateful that we were able to be there for Josh.

My brother-in-law Jordan was also able to be there, before he deploys for eight months.  


I sure do love my family and am so happy we get to be with one another for eternity.

I know Josh is going to make an impeccable missionary.  Arcadia, California is going to have one hard working missionary on their hands.

This Temple might be right up there with Draper Temple, as one of my favorites. 

We ended the night off right, with a big meal at BJ's, followed by the ever so amazing pizookie.
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  1. The temple is so beautiful that it looks so unreal! Is the inside just as cool?

  2. Janessa, this all looks so amazing and wonderful!! And how adorable is your little brother!!? The spirit radiates from him, he is TOTALLY gonna be an awesome missionary!! And love love love how pretty that temple is!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family pics, your family is beautiful!!