Tuesday, July 30

Newport Beach: Part Two

It has been another incredible day at the beach.  Zumba in the morning, Cafe Rio runs for lunch, lots of fresh peaches, the scent of sunscreen, and sleeping with the windows down, could never get old.  Nellie continues to melt my heart, with her enthusiasm and enthrallment of the sand.  She took a two hour plus nap, which allowed me to finish a great book.  I soaked in every minute, as I turned the pages.  Tyson was able to enjoy a round of golf with his dad.  As soon as he got back, we headed out to the sand and salt water.

The little kids had a blast digging holes and barring one another, deep into the sand.

^^^I am completely and utterly obsessed with Ashley's baby.^^^

^^^Uncle Bryant with his minnie me.^^^

We rallied together as many bikes as possible and pedaled our way to Balboa Island.  I was giddy with excitement, as I put Penelope into her first bicycle helmet.  She was a champ allowing us to pull her around, hours past her bedtime.  I will say pulling my baby behind me was just as exciting, if not more exciting than being on my road bike.  She made the perfect caboose.  

When we arrived at the end of the Pier, we couldn't resist getting ourselves a Balboa Bar.

Each bite was as good as it looks.  Tyson prefers his covered in rainbow sprinkles.  I prefer the "everything" bar.  The nuts, sprinkles, and chocolate did my heart good.

I am kind of getting used to this beach life.  
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