Saturday, July 6

A Day At The Lake

Today was Nellie's first time on the boat.  She loved it, just like her mama.  Our friends Shaun and Brooke were kind enough to take us out, for an afternoon of fun on the lake.  The babies had so much fun playing with each other.  

Nellie wasn't sure how she felt about her life jacket.  I wish they could make those things more comfortable.

The water was so refreshing!

 ^^^Nellie girl just hamming it up.^^^

^^^Nellie got her hands on Cash's sippy cup^^^

I hope to have a boat one day.  A lot of my childhood memories revolve around a lake.  Soaking up the sun, listening to good tunes, snacking on yummy treats, and swimming are only a few reasons why I enjoy the lake.  It will be so much fun to teach my little skeeter bug how to water ski.  
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