Friday, July 19

A Day At The Beach

We are in San Clemente for the weekend.  My little brother Josh is going to be going through the San Diego Temple tomorrow night, before he leaves on his mission.  We thought my sister's place would be the ideal meeting spot.  We have a weekend of fun ahead. 

Today my little family headed out to the beach, for a day of tranquility and relaxation.  It ended up being just that.  The weather was priceless!  It was the perfect combination of being over cast, with a touch of sunshine.  I have been looking forward to taking Penelope to the beach and dipping her toes into the sand.  She ended up being frightened of the ocean, but thoroughly enjoyed riding on her papa's shoulders and running her chubby little fingers through the sand.   

 ^^^The lifeguard kicked Tyson and Josh out of the water because the swells were getting too big.^^^

^^^I am sure going to miss this kid when he leaves on his mission.^^^

^^^The poor thing was scarred to death of the freezing water.^^^

The crazy lady may or may not have fallen into the ocean.

^^^I sure do love this hunk of mine.^^^

We are all a little sun burned, but are ready to take on the beach in the morning.

I am just a tad bit jealous of where my sister lives.
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  1. Love these pictures! priceless! especially the one of Penelope with her toes in the sand :) southern California is the best. and I totally think nellie looks like your sister! glad you had a special time with your beautiful family at the temple.