Tuesday, July 16

Randomness #6

GiGi and Nellie are like two peas in a pod.  I still have to remind Nellie not to pull on GiGi's hair.

Nellie has mastered the sitting up thing.

Her rolls are getting more and more luscious by the day.

Tyson's uncle John treated us to the most divine Thai dinner.  It was such a treat.  Curry heaven!  We are already planning on going back soon.

These two sure do love each other.

We were able to attend one of the most special baptisms.  A family of five was baptized into our church this past weekend.  The spirt was so strong.  Seeing the excitement in the mother's eyes, brought me to tears.  She came out of the water clapping for joy.  

I have finally gotten back to my pre-baby weight.  I have Zumba and GiGi to thank.  There were so many times I became discouraged, but the hard work has finally paid off.  I am now teaching three classes a week and running on the off days.  Who knew running could be so enjoyable.  

Target has thee cutest work out tops right now.  I may or may not have bought one in every color...

I am soaking up every moment of this stay at home thing.  Penelope and I go to the pool as often as possible.  She has even started to develop tan lines, where her rolls crease.  

My friend Brooke invited us for an afternoon at the pool.  We enjoyed sipping lemonade and eating cookies by the pool.  You could say, I have now fully adjusted to this place.

GiGi has the best groomer.  Picking her up never gets old.  She smells amazing and is ecstatic to see me every time.  Her coat is finally back to normal, since her pregnancy.  

Seeing my baby in the bath is one of my favorite things!  The way she splashes her arms and legs in the water, is pure bliss. 

Thrifty's knows how the Parker's like their ice cream cones!

  Tyson favorite, chocolate chip and pralines n' cream.

My favorite, pistachio and chocolate malt.

Turbans are my new thing.  I have a problem of wearing my hair in a pony tail almost every day of the week.  I figure the turban makes me look somewhat put together.
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  1. lovely family! nellie and gigi are adorable!

  2. I am craving some ice cream now!!! Yummy!!!! By the way you look amazing!